Au Pair Girl

50 Minutes
Review by MARS posted 9/24/10

Some entertaining turns on this theme and similar titles to be found: comely servant-type girls not in the best position to avoid the instincts of their British employers. A Scottish-sounding couple at home, a sexy au pair girl works in the kitchen--Sarah is a tall, thin shoulder-length coiffed blonde. Since this film is about her, so far so good.

The couple goes out for the evening. Sarah immmediately lights up, drinks some of her employers' wine, tries on her mistress's rings, and lifts 40 pds from the man's wallet. The man zips back to get the wallet he forgot, feels he is short some cash, but must motor on.

The couple returns at the end of the evening and they are suspicious. "We'll have to confront her." They search and find the money and some rings. She's cooked. They pop THE QUESTION: "How badly do you want this job?" She will accept a spanking.

The wife takes her OTK, after 13 minutes of the aforementioned dialogue. Moderate handspanking on black slacks. When she stands to take off her shoes and trousers, she is not happy about showing herself in panties to the leering husband--some of the only good acting we get. The husband takes over the spanking, bunching her panties. When he begins to roll them down: "Oh, come on, please." This is a long uneventful handspanking, except for an occasional little wiggle, and maybe an unscripted giggle from her. From this vantage point, she is a vision. The mistress takes over with a slipper.

The husband goes to the kitchen and returns with spanking implements--yet another fully equipped house! She is strapped, kneeling on a couch. Her ample and nicely proportioned buttocks permit the master to strap and paddle one cheek at a time.

Finally, some inventive cinematography. Sarah's half-naked front and face are reflected in a wall mirror as she is strapped. More fuzzy winks when she is moved to a chair for the tawse. There are a lot of implements in this house! A small, thick, wide paddle with holes causes some excitement.

And last the cane. Sarah grabs her ankles and the couple alternates. 7 from him, 12 from her, another whippier cane, 10 more from her; then a half-dozen to conclude from the husband. Some of the earlier ineffectual spanking is made up for by these more impressive strokes. Another au pair set back on the straight-and-narrow.

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