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Back On Track

Starring: Amy Denison
Denise Daniels
Lauren Morrison
Reviewed by: Eric Blair- Brown

There are some new kids in town and they're gorgeous. Firm Hand Productions claims to show the prettiest girls, enduring severe bare bottom spankings and they don't disappoint. The young ladies are athletic, beautiful and bring a fresh and different attitude to the corporal punishment genre. Firm Hand says it doesn't use people from "the scene". Instead their brats are students and aspiring actresses that can take a good beating. In "Back on Track", Amy Denision and Lauren Morrision play high school girls, who are in trouble for cutting track practice. In the coach's office, the girls are given the choice of a spanking or the paddle. After choosing the latter, both girls take several trips over the coach's knee. While one student is getting her butt warmed, the other has to stand facing the wall. Although they wince and rub their bottoms, the girls remain stoic. They hardly move and never cry out. It seems the ladies are determined not to give the coach the satisfaction of knowing the punishment is painful.

After leaving the office, the girls change clothes and make a trip to the liquor store. A school official spots the underage teens leaving the store with their beverages. On their return, Amy and Lauren are greeted by the same woman who informs them that they're in big trouble. The girls take turns bending over to receive a severe spanking with a leather paddle. During the discipline session, the brats assume several positions. They are told to put their hands on a table, lay across a stool and touch their toes. In every instance, the girl's skirt is lifted and the paddle makes contact with bare skin. Like the first spanking scene, Amy and Lauren take a painful paddling with hardly a whimper. This time however, Amy's answers to the spanker's questions are defiant and sarcastic. Of course, her bad attitude earns her some extra whacks. Back at school, the principal is chastising the track coach for not properly recording the times she disciplined her girls. For her transgressions, the principal gives the coach a taste of her own medicine. The principal's face is never shown, but his hand is prominent as he gives the grown woman a severe over the knee spanking. Later, the coach's backside turns crimson red as she is struck repeatedly by the leather paddle. Just like the kids, the coach remains motionless. She grins and bears the painful experience.

While all the women are spanked on the bare bottom, their panties are never removed. The ladies either wear thongs or their underwear is hiked to expose their buttocks. While many people enjoy seeing all the bare essentials of the female body, I believe the lack of frontal nudity adds to the atmosphere of the student-teacher relationship. Plus, Amy's and Lauren's bottoms are a sight to behold all by themselves. "Back on Track" is a fun video. It tries to please all spanking enthusiasts. People, who like OTK, touching toes and bent over furniture, should all be pleased by the film. What sets Firm Hand Productions apart are the girls. They are fresh, beautiful and bratty. They could be the girl next door, if you're lucky. These are also some of the best made spanking videos I've ever seen. The videos are well lit and shot from several angles. The audio is remarkable. Many spanking videos make it difficult to hear the dialog. Firm Hand's sound is very clear. You can hear Amy's sarcastic remarks and the spanker's response, which I think adds to the fun of this video. The stoic young woman seems to be a staple of the Firm Hand films. I would recommend a little more reaction by the spanked girl. Rather than a motionless brat, I, personally, would rather hear a few ouches and see a little kicking and movement during a spanking session. At the end of the film, Firm Hands adds a series of bloopers and reactions from the girls. In the new angles, you can see the pain on the girl's faces.

Firm Hands Productions lives up to their claims. Great looking females getting the spanking of their lives. They go to different locations, try many different angles and work to make a technically sound product. The girls alone are worth the price of the tape. They're totally different from the ladies from other companies. They're bodies are fantastic and they add a fresh, new attitude to the genre.

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