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Back On Track 2: Final Justice

Laura Moore
Amy Denison
Donna Wilson
Review by: Eric Blair- Brown

Almost everyone knows what the word sequel means. It's the same characters, doing, basically, the same things, with, pretty much, the same outcome. In the sequel to "Back on Track", Firm Hand Productions has created a totally different movie. The first film follows two, bratty, schoolgirls as they are punished by their track coach and a school administrator. While the spankings were firm, the young ladies ended the video, bruised but unbowed. The latest flick is darker, the corporal punishment is severe and more than the girl's pride gets wounded. In baseball terms, the first video used singles and doubles to score a quality film. In "Back on Track 2: Final Justice", the spankers are swinging for the fences.

Once again, the beautiful, Laura Moore and the adorable, Amy Denison are in trouble with Ms. Michaels, the school administrator. The girls are strapped for spreading a rumor that the principal spanked the school's track coach. In the first video, the girls handled their punishment with hardly a whimper. From the start of this film, the teenagers are none too happy with the strap. Each girl makes two trips to the center of the room. They grab their ankles and endure a total of, twenty whacks. The punishment leaves Laura in tears and even the, never let them know it hurts, Amy ends up squirming. In the next scene, the principal straps the track coach, Mrs. Wilson, for not documenting the punishments of her runners. Laura and Amy eavesdrop and enjoy the sounds of the painful discipline. A dose of the strap and several whacks with a thick paddle leaves Mrs. Wilson with a deep red backside, covered in welts. Ms. Michaels catches Laura and Amy giggling and escorts them into her office. The girls remove their pleated skirts, put their hands on the wall and each young lady receives ten whacks with the thick paddle. The students are visibly shaken by the experience. The girls jump and their voices rise an octave after each whack. At the end of the punishment, Amy appears dazed as Laura struggles to adjust her underwear over her bruised and battered bottom. The corporal punishment segment of the film concludes with the principal caning Mrs. Wilson for another infraction.

The video ends with the bikini-clad teens recuperating at the pool. Amy lies down on her stomach. As Laura attempts to sit on the lounge chair, the girl lets out a loud whine, "Oh my poor butt". Laura decides Amy has the right idea and lies on her belly as well. The camera gets a good view of two very sore behinds.

This is a video for those who enjoy a serious spanking tape. In "Back on Track", Laura and Amy are the stars. Their personality, beauty and bratty tendencies are marvelous. This time, the girls have little chance to play to the camera. They're too busy having their backsides battered. Despite the lack of personality, the girls are still fun to watch. As far as I'm concerned, Amy Denison is worth the price of the tape. Laura Moore is also remarkable. She is one the best looking women in the genre today, but another spanking like this one may make pretty little Laura look for a different line of work.


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