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M/F F/F initial review by the webmaster.

This story of this video is a woman who is looking back on her corporal punishments of the past. The first of two scenes open up with a blonde girl being scolded by a male teacher. She is wearing a plaid skirt, light bluish uniform shirt and white panties. As the teacher is scolding her, he is slapping her thighs. He has her lower the panties and hold her skirt up. He slaps her buttocks a few times then leaves to get the vice principal. The vice principal comes in and she is bent over a desk with her skirt raised. He slaps her with a ruler several times, then takes her over his knee, where he continues the punishment. He then has her stand up again and keeps her skirt raised. He slaps her thighs as she is facing the camera. Now he has her remove the panties (they have been down the whole time, but not completely off). He slaps her several more times while still standing. Then she is bent over for the final portion of the first scene. Some nice close ups of here butt and between her legs while the action is going on. The second scene opens with her now in some type of reform school or detention center. She is now wearing a similar shirt with prison type writing on the back. She has a dark blue skirt on with white panties. She waits out side the "punishment room" with handcuffs on her wrists (I thought this was a nice touch). She is brought into the room, and the female matron removes the handcuffs and has the blonde remove her panties. She is bent over a bench, and her buttocks show brusing from the previous punishment. The matron uses a multi-whip type instrument (sorry don't know what most of these instruments are called, so just describe them the best I can) on the blonde's butt. She is very vocal and moves around alot, so the matron calls a man and they proceed to tie her hands and ankles down to the bench. The matron then uses a thick strap on her, which makes our subject jump each time. Finally, she is untied and there is a short scene where the matron takes off her skirt and we are led to believe that the blonde must perform some service to the matron. Although not the hardest I've ever seen, I think this girl takes quite a hard beating in this video. Running time is approximately 30 minutes.

2nd review by Collector posted 7/11/08

Laura, an attractive blonde, especially without her pants, is recalling with her analyst some disturbing experiences she'd had being disciplined at various schools. This is an American-made spanking adventure, and weak in most respects except Laura en dishabille.

Her first reminiscence is being spanked by two teachers; we flash back; she is wearing a school uniform and made to pull her panties down for a random slapping/spanking at a teacher's desk. He's quite interested in what she has to show, front and back, makes her spread her legs, etc. The camera itself is quite invasive and bold. Nice solid bottom and thighs worth remembering, well-lit, with the camera boring in, but no real spanking. Vice Principal Nelson enters, takes over, and resumes the OTK, over-the-desk procedure. She is manhandled from one position to another. Nelson too has an extraordinary interest in Laura's nether parts.

In the next part of the analyst session, Laura recalls the Punishment Room at the correctional school for girls where she was sent. At least here, the setting and acting are sexy, even if the spanking never quite measures up. She is sent, hobbled by manacles, to the Punishment Room, where she sits on a bench awaiting entry, her correctional uniform mini-skirt short enough that only her panties touch the bench, a sweet touch we appreciated at this juncture.

She is called into a room similar to a Nu West set--padded spanking bench, implements hanging on the walls, banging/squeaking chamber door, etc. A female mistress begins spanking her, after baring her bottom and noting the faded bruises from a previous session. Her interest in Laura would seem to exceed her professional duties. She is joined by Mr. Holiday, another slippery actor from the American video series. Laura has been wiggling too much, it seems. "I'm afraid it's the restraints," announces Holiday. Ankles and wrists are fastened to the table, bottom bared. The mistress is quite turned on by the process. The mistress lays on 10 with a heavy leather weighted paddle, "right on her bottom," directs Holiday. Here was the opportunity for some hard action, but it fails.

They agree now she is "well spanked," (we would debate this) and release her. Alone now with Laura, the mistress begins undressing to display her own powerful body, and Laura sees what it is going to take to stay away from the paddle and the Punishment Room at this institution.

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