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Bad Headmaster

Time: 45 minutes
Guest Review by: MARS

Miss Miles, a well-turned young attractive blonde teacher, severe in dress, has captured two schoolgirls and brought them to the Headmaster for--we know what. The HM scolds, as they coyly deny their misdeanors. CP is in order. HM remembers the good old days--he'd certainly like to "bring back the birch."

Clark is to be spanked first. OTK she goes, tawny curly hair flowing. The second girl, Haight, is cornered, but peeks. A steady moderate handspanking ensues, while Clark and the HM banter British-style. We'd like to listen, but we're distracted. Clark's plaited skirt is up and her knickers bunched to maximize the skin. The obligatory dialogue: "Oh, it hurts." "It's supposed to hurt, Clark." Her pretty face and tossing hair intensify the scene s HM shows diligent attention to her still-pantied bottom. "I like to observe the rosy results of my work." This phase ends-Clark to the corner, skirt up.

Haight reports to the knee, a pretty pageboy framed face in same school uniform, complete with knee sox, all begging to come off. "You know the procedure." There is some silly "...oh, sir..oh, sir.." stuff as the skirt comes up and the panties are gathered. Haight's little murmurs are erotic. Clark, in the background, checks her bottom for damage. While Haight and HM chat away during the spanking, Clark pilfers a set of keys off the HM's desk.

Both girls are dismissed; Clark has gotten Miss Miles' carkeys; outside, they drive off, twittering; HM detects and gives chase and, goodness, a high budget outdoor cross-country chase scene. HM catches the girls buying rum drinks at a shopping center. He threatens them with the police and their parents--our good little actresses make the right choice and suggest to HM he arrive some private punishment instead. Leaving Miles' borrowed car, he drives them to a neutral location---which happens to be Miles' house. "This is a bit irregular, sir. This is Miss Miles' house."

Miss Miles is home and furious her car has been stolen, but is assured it's safe, and is positively electrified at the leverage she sees they have over the two girls. So this can be settled outside of school grounds. Miss Miles produces an armload of implements--found in every modern household. This Miles has an edge. The girls kneel on the couch and HM begins a "warmup" spanking. Miles holds their arms and urges HM to spank harder.

Finally, he pulls down both pair of knicker, to melodramatic squawking. He produces a stiffened leather oval paddle and cracks both bottoms. Miles is loving it: "...harder...harder.." The girls complain about "unauthorized punishment."

Then it's on their feet. All clothes off, all. There's some giggling with the rustling and unbuttoning. HM flexes a fiberglass cane. both girls go back over the couch, nude, but Miles wants even their shoes and knee sox off--this process gives us even more glimpses. Back over the couch for more paddling and cheerleading from Miles. Clark: "Is this really necessary, sir?"

Haight admits it was her idea to swipe the keys, so she'll be first for the cane. She stands and bends over. We counted 25, with repeats. Miles is so excited she gives HM a stiffer cane halfway through. Clark has walked off, avoiding the cane for some reason, but we got a nice look at the landscape as she went by. The pretty Haight is feching, bent over in the altogether. HM feels his punishment has somehow been less than complete, so Haight agrees to a once-a-week visit to his office and leaves. T

he HM and Miles concur this has been a most successful event. She say, none too shyly, "I feel I need a good spanking." Off with her skirt; HM is very impressed with her bottom, as are we. OTK. "This makes me feel so horny, " she gasps. HM on cue: "Well...Miss Miles...!" He fondles her, rolls her thong down, gets his fingers in the right place. Miles is cooing: "Harder"; She stand, pulls off her top. HM points to her bra. Miles: "Of course, off." More OTK and fondling. "Nice...nice...nice..," she says.

HM must leave for dinner, but they agree a half-hour-a-day in his offioce is called for. Miles: "Nice." Our "bad" Headmaster must have some office schedule!

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