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Bad Headmaster 2

Time: 58 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR posted 11/6/09

This video is also named "Naughty Novac Sisters"; either way, this headmaster is definitely a bad one, and the girls are not much better. Two sweet believable schoolgirls are on the carpet in front of Mr. Johnson, the headmaster. They are foreign students--it's been discovered that their passports are invalid and also their school fees are far in arrears. Johnson determines that some corporal punishment might help.

There is huge ageplay here--he is an older greyish guy, effectively dressed in shirt and tie; Jessica and Angela Novac are two very-schoolgirl blondes, in partial school dress, a little disheveled, but it isn't going to matter.

Johnson jumps the girls for the passports and the fees, criticizes Jessica for no tie and does not hesitate to pull up her little skirt to see she isn't wearing school knickers. He reminds them (can't believe they forgot) that they were spanked the last time but this time it's to be the cane.

Angela is first to go OTK, a trim youthful body and shoulder length streaked blonde hair. He had checked her panties too--they are regulation blue. After a brief bottom warmup, she is put against the wall, hands-on-head.

Sister Jessica is next, shorter blond hair, solid little figure--her bl0use hides a promising discovery. Johnson spanks the white panties. "Ooh." "Of course it hurts. It's supposed to hurt." He concentrates on her lower buttocks, leaving the panties for later.

Action intensifies. White pants down. "Open your legs, get them open!" When this spanking is finished, she too is cornered, bare bottom.

Angela comes back. He takes her panties down with evident fascination for what he sees. OTK again, she whimpers, spreads her legs. Johnson discards her panties off her ankles with a flourish. Before she returns to the wall: "Get your skirt off." And Jessica too.

When Jessica is OTK again, he separates her legs with a knee. "Wider...wider." He roughly holds a handful of her hair as he spanks.

Before Angela returns OTK, Mr. Johnson carefully examines her fuzzy front. Both girls must then take off their blouses and are naked now but for knee socks. Both have eye-popping bodies; Jessica's would stop traffic. Large, high breasts of great interest to Johnson. Both girls seem to accept the increasingly disastrous turn of events.

In case there is any doubt about Headmaster Johnson, he proceeds to handspank each girl on her pussy. Paddles and the cane are next. Jessica is paddled briefly, then clenches a cane between her buttocks. Johnson gropes between her legs before whipping her 10 times with a doubled belt. Her cute bottom reflexively shivers on each stroke. He squeezes Jessica's breasts and makes the first overture about "sex" later in the evening.

Angela gets similar paddling, fondling, and the belt. The girls stand still for all this like horses for a saddle, and maybe they've been here before. Almost time for the caning to begin.

Jessica must lean over a couch and clench a cane between her buttocks for starters. The headmaster rewarms her with the oval paddle, feeling between her legs. She counts out 10 strokes with the doubled belt, twitching delicately between each. He plays with her breasts and suggests a session for her later on also.

Angela steps up for more torment, an openly agressive frig with one finger while he sucks a breast. She is passive but must rise on her toes on his finger. Over the couch for the paddle, a groping hand under and between her legs to hold her bottom centered for the strikes. Another frig then 10 with the belt.

Jessica will be caned now, after another frig and a breast suck. "I'm going to give you 10 strokes each." The camera has been avoiding it, but there is a lump in his pants. Over the couch arm, "Oh, please, Mr. Johnson." She takes 10 moderate strokes, with the intimation of more, but she agrees to return tonight, "To please me?" "Yes, sir."

Angela counts out 10 cane strokes on her bottom. Both girls face us, nude, hands on head.

But the man is not finished. Jessica must straddle and ride the length of the back of the couch, naked and face down, to demonstrate what she must do tonight. And angela, watching, climbs up, on her back, spreads her legs for a lusty frig, "For tonight....good girl." Johnson is breathing hard and Angela does not look thrilled. The Novacs are sent off, naked.

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