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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active and updates with one new scene every week. The quality of the videos have improved slightly since my last review, but the site has undergone some changes that were not very popular with members. At one point the site switched from downloadable video clips to streaming only. That didn't go over well, so the site then reverted back to downloadable clips, however they were coded so that you could no longer play them when your membership expired. This was roughly 6 months ago and I am unsure if this practice is still in place. The cost for membership is $29.95 USD for 30 days.


Ms Law gets spanked by the Principal

For 2 years now I have watched Ms Law, play the part of a strict teacher, police officer, etc, on the Bad Tushy website.

She's needed little excuse to pull an unfortunate girl across her knee and give her a severe spanking, paddling, or in some cases, a caning. Pleas and cries would fall on deaf ears as she'd lift their skirt or order them to unfasten their jeans so she could administer the punishment on their bare bottoms. And if a friend was there to witness it, then too bad.

And of course, Ms Law "dressed to please". Whether it was a tight pencil skirt, silk blouse, skin-tight jeans and of course the jaw-dropping cleavage which she was fond of displaying. Take a look at the images below to see what I mean.

No doubt the male teachers found any excuse to drop in for a chat.

Well one day, the unexpected happened. Ms Laws was giving a lecture to 2 naughty girls in her class-room. This resulted in the prettier of the 2. The one in the micro-skirt being swiftly pulled across Ms Law's lap. Her pink panties pulled down while Ms Law both scolded and spanked her in front of her protesting friend. Suddenly the class- room door was flung open and the attractive blonde school principal walked in. Outraged, she immediately orders Ms Laws to stop and examines the bruising on the younger girl's behind. It appears that a number of girls have oomplained at such treatment and Ms Law has exceeded her authority.

What is the principal to do? Suddenly and without warning, she grabs Ms Law. She sits down on the hard chair that the teacher had vacated a minute ago and starts handing out a "dose of her own medicine". I mean a spanking over Ms Law's green and white flower patterned skirt. Ms Laws is outraged at being given such juvenile treatment and protests loudly and struggles to free herself. Kicking her high-heeled shoes up and down in frustration. Meanwhile the younger girls delighting in Ms Law's predicament decide to lend a hand. One grabs Ms Law's hands while the other grabs her feet. This allows the Principal to concentrate on spanking Ms Law which she does with great gusto.

"Stop this at once", protests Ms Law, "I'm the teacher".

"You're not in charge now though", pipes up the one who'd been spanked.

After a good few minutes of spanking, the Principal pulls up Ms Law's pretty skirt to reveal her delectable rear encased in pantyhose with just a glimmer of sexy sea-green panties.

"No, stop it", pleads Ms Law, "you can't do this, pull my skirt down".

Fortunately for us the viewers, the Principal ignores her cries. And the spanking continues unabated with plenty of close-up shots of her twisting and turning arse. And plenty of jeering comments from the students. And when Ms Law's pantyhose are pulled down closely followed by her sea-green satin panties, she is no longer the sophisticated spanker of a few weeks ago. The plunging necklines, the leopard skin "boob-tube", the mini-skirts that left us drooling are long gone. To be replaced by the snivelling one would expect from a spanked schoolgirl. And when all resistance has been spanked out of her, Ms Laws suffers the ultimate humiliation. She's spanked in the diaper position. Her long shapely legs lifted up while the spanking continues on her red tortured rear.

Finally, standing with her skirt up around her waist. Her pantyhose and panties pulled well done, still snivelling she has to write lines on her own blackboard in full view of her pupils.


It's been quite some time since I've reviewed this site and figured it was time to make a return visit. Bad Tushy does feature some good spanking action, although I'm not sure the production crew are spankos. Without a doubt, there are some truly hot models being spanked on this site and that alone can be worth the prices of admission. However, there are some drawbacks, mainly the acting portion of the program. It's kind of hit or miss. Some of the scenes are suburb, while others are not horrible, but the acting just kills it. One thing that annoys me is when the person giving the spanking has to keep talking. Even if there is nothing to say. Sometimes silence is more effecting than constant chatter.

I will give credit where it is due and the site had made a lot of improvements over the last few years. I think the quality of the spankings themselves have gotten better. They seem to be using a wider variety of instruments and the punishments have been intensified. The light tap tap tap spankings have lessened in favor of more heavy handed ones. This isn't to say that the lighter type of spankings still don't occur. There is just a wider variety of types. You'll even see some familiar spanking models from time to time as well. The interface has remained unchanged, which is a good thing. It's very simple and easy to navigate.

The video clips have received a major upgrade. Newer videos have a screen size of 640X480 and can be downloaded as multi-parts or as one file. They usually run between 6-7 minutes and the full file would be roughly 75 MB. Full files also can be downloaded as a WMV or a MPG file. What I also like is that the older files have not been forgotten. While they have not been recoded to the larger format, the site owners have gone back and made full file options available. At least it's something, many times sites will come out with advances, but abandon the older files. As before, you still get a large amount of photos with each video. The photos are thumbnailed for easy perusing and open into images that are roughly 640X480.

When I reviewed this site the last time, some of the true spankos thought I was nuts for giving this site a positive look. I know that it's not as authentic as some would like, but I can't help but enjoying the content. They do give pretty good spankings and the models are usually pretty hot. I mean, who doesn't want to see hot girls getting spanked? Even if you do have to listen to a lot of mindless chatter. The price is pretty average as well at just under 30 bucks a month. Although, usually if you go to sign up and then click off before putting in any information, you can get a special offer of $18.95 for the first month (shhhh). And, they offer pretty good discounts for multi-month memberships. The site does have a decent preview, so you should have an idea what you're getting when you look through that area.

Original Review

Bad Tushy is a fairly new site that has prompted a lot of emails asking if this site was worth joining. So, I decided to take out a membership and look the site over. The is not just spanking, although most of the time the scenarios do end up in that direction. Some of the photo series/videos start under the guise of a medical exam where the doctor has the subject strip naked and then performs a serious of medical evaluations. Most of the time the exam seems to be given because the girl wants to join the cheerleading squad or something else that requires physical activity. The young lady will then have to do a serious of exercises such as jumping jacks or push ups (while naked) and then finally ends up receiving a bare bottom spanking. The other scenarios range from roommates spanking other roommates, to schoolgirl punishments, to parent spanking child. When you first enter the site you are presented with a list of the sections within the site followed by a series of thumbnails for the most recent updates. Sections include Photo Galleries, Movies section, Stories, and Letters as well as an update calendar. Most, if not all, of the photo galleries correspond with matching video clips. The site is updated on Monday with 2 new photos galleries and then the clips that go with those galleries are posted on Friday. Each Gallery typically has approximately 75-100 photos which are of good quality. The video clip update is usually comprised of 4 clips per scenario. The quality of the clips are not bad. However, they are not the best that is available. If you are used to the quality of clips that come from Real Spankings or Girls Boarding School, then you might be a tad disappointed. However, in all fairness, they are a new site and over time hopefully they will upgrade to that level. You have a choice in file type, you can choose to download the clip in either Windows Media format or Real Media format. The girls receiving the punishments are attractive and most are of the young variety. The spanking themselves vary from scene to scene. Some of the scenarios feature a fairly decent spanking, while others have almost light and playful spankings. The spankings are not bad, but those that like long hard punishment spankings will not find that here, at least yet. The acting does leave something to be desired and some of the verbiage that is relayed back and forth between the spanker and spankee is almost laughable, but the site is young and will hopefully develop as it gains seniority in the ranks of the pay sites. One word of warning, if you join and start to play the clips, lower the volume on your PC way down. The clips are recorded with the sound being very loud and can catch the unsuspecting user off guard. Last thing we want is for the neighbors to hear "I'M GOING TO SPANK YOUR ASS" coming out of your window. If you like the scenes, Bad Tushy has released several VHS tapes that feature the clips that are currently online. The price is $29.95 for 30 days with price breaks for 90 and 180 day sign ups. As to whether it's worth the price or not, I guess you'd have to decide that yourself. I've posted a sample gallery at the top of this page and the site has several photos and sample clips for you to look at.

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