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Bare Backs, Whipped Backs

time: 30 minutes
Guest Review MARS posted 12/12/08

Three varied whipping scenes in the blue studio; erotic little details carefully addresssed bu producer Ed Lee, in his usual fashion.

I- A svelte young brunette is strung up, arms pulled high, centerstage. She is dressed modestly and conventionally, a NW characteristic which always heightens the erotic realism for what will transpire. She wears a frilly blouse, a short yellow skirt, and high heels. Lee loves his little taunting admonitions: "You're going to get the whipping of your lfie....100 strokes." He raises her blouse over her head and pulls it out of the way and releases her bra, baring the sweet expanse of her back. Her hair must be bunched and pulled out of the way. He whips her with his dogwhip in batches; she is delectably miserable; camera work superior--face, rear, close, distant.

II- One of the Nu West girls is marched out into the studio and chained to a whipping post. She wears a simple blouse, cutoff jeans, with bare feet. Lee's sub rosa humor shines through--he is wearing a black executioner's outfit, including helmet/hood and mask. We are writing this is a Halloween season, and he is ready. There must have been some laughter in the studio. But the Trick is on the Nu West actress and the Treat is for us. He rips off her blouse and whips to drawing blood. She gasps for air. There is a teasing erotic acceptance of this discomfort, not the mere brutality depicted in other productions.

III- We believe it is Nu West's Joanne, always a treat. Lee is still in black, minus the mask. With his Dr. Freud beard poking out he now looks like Emperor Ming out of the old Flash Gordon serials. The dogwhip is much more impressive than the ray gun. Joanne is in a simple white slip and is stretched to a goalpost-like frame. The fastening process is always exciting.Lee destroys the slip of course, and there she stands, all muscle, and powerful body, and rock-like bottom, in skimpy white bikini panties. She takes her whipping stoically. Panties survive, but Lee this time does lay some strokes on her bottom and thighs. And no film is ever complete without police sirens outside and onto the soundtrack. "You will start bleeding in the next 10 strokes." And of course she does. Sweat rolls down her body.

Can someone arrange a Congressional Earmark for the Nu West operation?

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