Bare Bottom Birching

Featuring: Basil Steele
Gertrude Wilson
Mary O'Riley
Reviewed by: David Pierson

Paradox Entertainment clearly has one of the most adventurous and creative directors working in the spanking video medium today. Through their unique vision, they have taken this form of erotica to places where it has never gone before. The hallmark of a Paradox film is a wonderfully creative script, a terrific visual look to match the mood of the video and hard hitting spanking action.

Paradox is best known for their ground breaking productions of " The Offender Correction" and Finishing School Trilogies." In the "Offender Correction" series the viewer is transported to a post 2011 United Kingdom in which young women are punished for their crimes though spankings. The " Offender Correction" series is especially notable for its stark post-modern look and sensibility. The " Finishing School Trilogy" is also almost the antitheses of the " Offender Correction Series." The " Finishing School Series" is best known for its whimsy and a unique take on the old schoolgirl spanking fantasy. At the center of these terrific videos is the actor who played the role of the pixilated schoolmaster, Basil Steele. If I didn't know better I'd swear that the part of this peculiar man was being played by John Cleese of "Monty Python" and "Fawlty Towers" fame. I think an alternative title for this amazingly erotic and wonderfully funny video series could have been " Fawlty Boarding School."

In this production of " Bare Bottom Birching", Paradox has once again triumphed in bringing to the screen a work that is a success from both aesthetic and erotic perspectives. In "Bare Bottom Birching" three young servant girls have been sent for punishment at the hands of a menacing looking masked figure. These young women are made to bend over a spanking horse while "The Masked Punisher" applies the birch to their naked backsides. This video is set in the not so merry old England of about one hundred and fifty years ago. This video has a dark look and feel to it. The video was shot in a room an all black room. The role of the "Masked Punisher" is played by the same talented follow who played the role of the demented schoolmaster in the finishing school series. In the role of this masked avenger for the privileged classes, Mr. Steele's is performance is chilling. The three young women in this feature do an excellent job in communicating the doomed nature of their characters. These girls are doomed to suffer the punishment that their master's has prescribed for them and they are forever destined to suffer a life of total servitude.

The first to suffer the punishment at the hands of the vile minion of the privileged is a lovely young servant girl named Ruby. She has been sentenced to a birching as punishment for her theft of a gold watch. In attendance at the punishment of Ruby is another servant girl named Mary O' Riley. She is there to assist the Masked Chastiser in the task at hand. Ruby is dressed in a white night gown. She is made to bend over the punishment horse while her undergarments are opened in the back exposing Ruby's beautiful bottom. After a few swats with the birch, Ruby is pleading with her tormentor to stop. Much to the lovely Ruby's dismay, this punishment continues for several more minutes. At the conclusion of her birching Ruby's naked bottom is red and welted. After her birching Ruby's tormentor noted that he has a gift for her. He then shows her a leather-riding crop. Mary O' Riley is instructed to strip Ruby of all her garments. Now, completely exposed, Ruby is once again forced to "resume the position". The punisher delivers several blows of the crop to the young servant girl's already tender bottom. At the conclusion of this portion of her punishment, Ruby is handed the riding crop and instructed to give it to her master. She is instructed to tell him to use it on her whenever it should please him.

The next young woman to feel the wrath of the birch is a pretty young girl with long, dark curly tresses named Gertrude Wilson. The lovely Gertrude has been sentenced to her punishment for " pleasuring the Master's son." The Masked Tormentor of Servant Girls bends the lovely Miss Wilson over the punishment horse and proceeds to beat her naked bottom with the birch. With each blow, Gertrude jumps and cries out in pain. " There's no pleasure in a birching, is there Gertrude Wilson?", the Masked Punisher inquires of his helpless victim. By the end of her chastisement, Gertrude is in tears and her bottom clearly exhibits the marks that a severe birching will leave.

Our executioner was surprised at who he would need to throttle next. It seems that Mary O' Riley was caught stealing silverware from the master's kitchen. Now, with young Ruby in attendance, Miss O'Riley suffers the torment of the birch.

As with all of Paradox's productions, this video is entertaining and profoundly erotic. What makes " Bare Bottom Birching" a superior spanking video is the wonderfully realized concept of the severe punishment of pretty young servant girls (The ultimate submissives) for their petty crimes and misdemeanors at the hands of paid masked punisher. (The ultimate dominant)

I would encourage all lovers of spanking video erotica to acquire this video. With a Paradox production you can rarely go wrong.

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