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Bar Room Punishment

44 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/30/09

A standard theme at the outset; however, the spankings develop into a very entertaining intensity. We're grateful the actors could see it through. A bar owner has caught two of his female employess taking drugs. We haven't seen too many barroom spankings to match this one. We liked CalStar's "Fair Measures" and Miss Brown in "Bar Service," to name just two which come to mind.

The girls: "Is there another alternative" to being fired? Are they naive or what? You have to love this inquiry. The owner suggests spankings. One of the girls: "My old boyfriend used to do that." The attractive curly-haired redhead, dressed in conservative white blouse and black stockings, tells her blonde friend, in studious eyeglasses and a black dress, "You might enjoy it."

The girls agree to the alternative, the blonde goes first, in a standing/OTK position as the owner sits on a barstool for a handspanking. The redhead holds her hand and is amused so far. Up with the skirt, bottom bare but for a G-string.

The redhead is next OTK; she wears more full black panties, not frequentlhy seen but enormously interesting when they come down, which is next. The pretty redhead's face is hidden because of this awkward posture doubled over the stool.

"Your turn now," says the redhead to the blonde. Back OTK, bare bottom, brief handspanking. The owner gets his implements--eveybody has 'em; a big stiff leather round paddle gets respect.

Both girls are directed to undress--they are in no position to argue. The blonde is down to just red panties and the redhead to black bra and pants. Sit forward in your seat. The redhead lays over the stool and is paddled; she is not amused any more. The owner pulls her pants down. The paddling is quite hard--we don't see this form of paddle used often; there is much erotic wiggling and spreading of her knees to keep the precarious position on the stool, and the owner has casually unfastened her bra. She isn't thrilled to have her bottom up in the air.

The blonde to the owner: "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" She goes over the stool, red panties down, helplessly hands over her glasses, spreads her knees a good two feet wide, and takes her dose. She quivers reflexively. Before the next phase, we get a side-by-side of the girls, both naked, front and back.

Both girls get the riding crop; the owner squeezes the blonde's breasts for a long moment. "Surely you've had your fun." He pinches and dials their nipples before he steps away to get his cane.

We begin an unusual session. The two bend over at the bar, side-by-side. First, about 4 strokes on each bottom, next the redhead up over the stool, a great posture for the cane, for 4. She gasps and kicks reflexively while the blonde holds her. Mostly whimpers and silence. Same for the blonde. Neither girl can bring herself to watch the cane fall.

Two stools, 2 girls side-by-side for a few strokes. These poses are intentionally photogenic and revealing. Both girls then sit naked on their bardstools, have their nipples tweaked and are lectured. They probably think they are finished, but no.

The redhead stands and puts her face in the blonde's lap, in her crotch to be precise, for 8 more strokes, just as hard as before, "to make sure there are no more drugs." Switch for the blonde. Both girls are very upset by the ferocity of these last 8 and cannot bear to watch the cane strike.

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