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52 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/18/08

One of the acclaimed Domme's in the trade, Miss Brown, plays a bar manager where her patrons like to spank the barmaids. She's got two girls in front of her applying for work, but of course we've got to know if they measure up. We know how important auditions are at CalStar. Miss Brown is a Jacueline Bisset-type, wearing a short leather skirt, frilly midriff blouse, and knee boots. She's proved several times she can be a fearsome, uncompromising, relentless spanker--not someone you'd be thrilled to see on the cast list if you were going to be spanked.

She explains what happens in this bar: "Gentlemen who come in here like to spank young ladies' bottoms." The two brunettes agree to be spanked to see if they can take it. Girl #1, thin with long dark hair, goes OTK for a moderate handspanking. Miss Brown works her panties down slowly, while fondling a lovely bottom. There is a steady stream of sensual soft-spoken seductive dialogue during the film. She traces the girls' bottoms with her fingertips and handles their panties like Waterford crystal. "It's warming nicely, isn't it?"

Lisa is the second brunette and has been watching. She too goes OTK, and skimpy black panties, although superfluous, still must come down. "This is just a beginning. It does get harder."

Miss Brown shows them the paddle; she maximizes her dominating torment by showing the helpless girls the implements of pain and calling them forward when their turn comes. Girl #1 kneels on a barstool, loses pants in a hurry, courtesy Miss Brown. This hurts a bit more. Lisa is then paddled. The absolutely demonic Miss Brown reminds the girls there are "more serious implements."

Girl #1 climbs back on the stool for a dose of the heavy strap. Miss Brown absolutely loves her work and the girl is much impressed, seems a bit aroused, and presents glamorous views on the stool. "So, Lisa?" --a sensual invitation for her turn now to meet the strap. "Don't forget to pull your pants down." Now how could this happen?

The next implement is a soft leather flogger, rarely seen at CalStar, and more common in B&D scenes. Miss Brown does use it to caress between the girls' legs, but she also expertly rips at their reddening bottoms too, eliciting surprised cries.

"Now we go to the cane." Lisa stays in place and takes about 20 strokes; weals appeal quickly. To girl #1, who's shrinking back a bit: "Right, you're next." she's conditioned by now, pulls her pants down without request, and take a good 20. The girls decide to take the job and will report Saturday night. Let's hope (but just for their sake) every evening doesn't go like this one did.

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