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Bath Time Beatings

Produced by: Jack Sunderland
Starring: Michelle
Lady Cynthia
Review by Henry Lamont

The scene opens with two girls in a bathtub drawing water. They are both very pretty with perfect bodies, and they are drinking wine from wine glasses. They are giggling and laughing, frolicking together and just basically having fun together. They are splashing each other with water, nice camera angles with no close-ups. The girl's bodies are really very fine with perfect breasts and perfect bottoms. Now they're pouring wine on themselves, it is quite sexy mixed with the soapy water. The blond girl has a tattoo on her right shoulder. The blond flashes the cameramen a smile which should have been cut.

Next enters the woman of the house. It is at this point that I realize the sound could be better and some of the words are hard to follow without turning up the volume too loud. It is hard to make out the women's names and who the woman really is at this point. The woman scolds the girls for bathing together and drinking her champagne. She tells the blond that she's not happy that she knows she's not supposed to have friends over. The blond girl's name is Michelle. The woman continues to scold the girls, her words are appropriate and her acting as good. The girl's reaction to her is also appropriate. The brunette is made to kneel at the end of the tub, she has a wonderful bottom. Stick your bottom in the air the woman says, right in the air. The woman reaches into the tub and splashes water over the girl's bottom, next she pours the cold wine over the girl's bottom it is quite sexy seeing the red wine run down the girl's bottom and over her privates. Next comes the light hand spanking. There are wonderful shots of open privates but no close-ups, the bottom twists and turns and reveal all. It is more of a sensuous spanking than a punishment spanking. The woman keeps running her hand over the girl's bottom and up her privates. The spanks get harder. The acting is good by the brunette, also the dialog. The brunette is ordered to the other end of the tub, now it is the blondes turn.

The blond is ordered to kneel at the end of the tub. Next is a truly wonderful shot of the blonde's bottom raising up out of the soapy water. Her bottom is even more perfect than the brunettes. Her cheeks open wide as she kneels. Unfortunately there are no close-ups shots of all the girls' charms. Again the woman continuously caresses the girl's bottom and splashes water over it, it is very sexy. You were sent here for the summer for your education the woman says. The blond keeps moving her bottom in a very sensuous manner. Most of the camera shots are from the back and at a distance. The dialogue is appropriate. The words the women are saying are still fairly hard for me to follow as they don't have the sound right in the video. The girls are now told to get dressed in appropriate attire and come up to the woman's study. The girl's bottoms at this point are very lightly colored red. The woman then decides to spank both of the girls together at the end of the tub before they leave. The brunette begs the blond to take her home as she doesn't want the caning in the study. This part is fairly good as it helps build the video to a climax.

This scene opens in the girls' bedroom, they're laughing. smoking and drinking more wine. They are giggling and laughing, they are certainly not showing the appropriate response for an upcoming spanking. The blonde looks like she's shaved. The woman is shown coming down a spiral staircase she is still dressed in sexy clothes, striped shirt and short black skirt. The woman asks the girls, who's been smoking and drinking? This sets up this spanking scene in the bedroom. The brunette oddly enough says something about she's already been raped by a man. I don't understand this line. I think the woman's name is Cynthia and the brunettes name is Christie. The woman has a leather strap in her hand with double tips. The blonde has on a little black nightie and nothing else. When I say five minutes I mean five minutes the woman says. The woman has a realistic tone and uses the proper words. As in the first bath tub scene the woman spanks fairly hard with the leather strap and spends most of her time caressing the girl's bottom in a very sensuous manner. The woman rubs her pelvis against the girl's bottoms also. There are fairly hard slots with the leather strap, the girls responses are very appropriate, she squeals and starts to cry lightly. The camera at this point is to the side and you can get a tiny view of the girl's privates, it's a nice teasing shot, I enjoyed it. The rest of the girl's bedroom scene is more of the same for the blond and also the brunette. There is appropriate dialogue and good tone and reaction from the girls. One of the things I like about this video is the girls don't yell and scream too loud, as that can distract from the fantasy. There are mostly squeals and low sobs.

The last scene shows the two girls in the woman's study. It is a very realistic set. First the blond is ordered to bend over the desk, next the brunette. The woman slowly removes the girl's thong panties. The woman rubs her pelvis against the girl's bottom and sensuously reaches up and rubs the girl's breasts in a very dominating matter. The blonde is ordered onto the desk. She is made to get our back and then up on her shoulders with her feet hanging down in front of her face. This is a very unique pose completely opening her privates. The woman is pouring some sort of cream right on the girl's privates and in her seam. Next she rubs the cream in her privates in a very sensuous way and on the bottom cheeks. She continues to rub her index finger hard against the girl's privates. There are no close-ups shots. At this point the brunette is sucking on the fingers of the blond. Now the brunette is made to bend over the desk and the cream is applied to her bottom also but just to her cheeks. Next the brunette is giving a moderate caning with proper responses from the girl. There are no open private shots at all. Again the girls kiss and are scolded for that also. There are pretty hard strokes with a cane and much bottom rubbing. The blond is made to kneel over a low table for her caning. The cane strokes are quite hard and the girl's response is appropriate. The video ends with the two girls going to the bedroom, nursing their very sore bottoms.

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