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Bare Bottom Punishment

Starring: Sarah Lewis as Alisa Chapman
Suzi Martell as Debbie Marshall
Steven Winchester as the Headmaster
playing Mr. Jones, the Gym teacher
Year: 2003
Running Time: Approx 50 minutes

Second Review by MARS posted on 8/7/09

A slightly longer film than we usually see, with a few devilish twists, advising one to be leery of getting spanked at a girls' school. Students Alisa Chapman (Sarah Harvey-Lewis) and Debbie Marshall (Suzi Martell) have been summoned to the headmaster Mr. Francis. They know corporal punishment is imminent

The girls spy an attractive new male teacher in the halls, Mr. Jones. The headmaster calls them in, then endorses them over to staff member Miss Cook, who has a reputation for and is used for roasting students' bottoms and is to be avoided. The girls try a ruse--they will forge Miss Cook's signature, stripe their own bottoms on a warm iron radiator, then return to Mr. Francis with the verification. Nothing works--the radiator fails, the girls bare each others' bottoms and try to spank themselves.

The headmaster does his bare bottom verification (He should be suspicious. Radiator marks would be vertical, right?). Miss Cook called in sick today, so the whole fraud is exposed. He will have to spank them himself. Brunette Alisa and blonde Debbie take turns going over his desk for a loud and hard slippering. Everything will be six-of-the -best today. Tonight, at detention, the punishment is required to be repeated, "on the bare."

Later, at the aforementioned evening detention, the girls report in short shorts and T-shirts. Behold, it's the new Mr. Jones running the event tonight, dressed in his Mr. Universe workout clothes. He is the gym instructor. He makes the girls do some PT--they want to be spanked, especially by him. He is surprised that they are "playing me around" and dispatches them back to the headmaster.

The girls are back soon with the official note. It's to be "bare bottom punishment." Well, it appears he must do it, here on the first day of his job, bare bottomed female students. A large sectional vaulting horse happens to be at hand, and over they go. He works their shorts down immediately.

"You've been winding me up all day. Now I find out it is part of my job to pull your pants down."

It's always good to face up immediately to hard tasks at your job.

Alisa and Debbie love it. They are handspanked, bottoms high. A leather strap rings out. Mr. Jones has them shift and sit on the horse,extending their bare bottoms over the edge--very appealing. We catch a glimpse of Debbie's knife-thin mohawk. He slaps their exposed bottoms. He certainly has a demonic imagination for a novice gym teacher.

This colorful vaulting horse puts the girls in dramatic poses. They kneel on the narrow length on top, face flat to the pad, bottom elevated, gasping, for the tawse. "What do you think of detention now, girls?" Strictly English uses a screen insert for closeups.

Debbie is first for the cane, lying full length on the top pad. 12 strokes, varied angles. He feels her bottom between cane shots. The strokes are very hard--she can barely cough out the count. The last stroke is replayed from various places-very sexy.

Alisa looks worried, watching this. She gets her 12, but bending over, producing a much more appetizing target. They are zingers--"the last six are the hardest." The girls flash and wiggle their striped bottoms for this handsome, poised, ambidexterous teacher at the conclusiion. "That, girls, is the end of detention."

The girls use the radiator to cool their bottoms this time. The video concludes with a slow-motion replay of Chapman's entire caning. Four appealing, convincing actors; se

First Review by Kat

Unlike most British CP Studios, Strictly English Productions usually avoids the naughty schoolgirl scenario. On the rare occasion when Mr. English and company succumbs to temptation you can expect that you will be treated to a thoroughly different slant on this well trodden theme. There is a cautionary subtext behind this tale of School Girl Punishment. Be careful what you wish for as fantasy may become reality. The story is about two school girls who discover the consequences for deceit, dishonesty, and the consequences of unrestrained infatuation. The story is about two school girls, Alisa and Debbie, who become infatuated with a handsome new gym teacher only to find that he is a pretty good spanker. They learn the hard way about his talents in inflicting severe punishment upon their young bottoms.

The story opens with Alisa waiting outside the headmaster's office. She has been sent their on a referral, a note from a teacher explaining that she is to be punished for some infraction. This is the first time for Alisa who is understandably nervous when Debbie joins her. Debbie was there for the same reason, also on a referral. Unfortunately, for both, the headmaster is not in his office. While waiting for his return, the pair encounters a very handsome gentleman, obviously athletic, and new to the school. The two direct him to the gym and after he leaves, they confide in each other an obvious infatuation for him. In a moment, the headmaster returns, and the pair are escorted in to his study where after a brief discussion he sends them to Miss Cook for "the slipper". Apparently it was his policy not to punish the girls himself, being the forthright gentleman that he was. The following scene is one of the cornerstones of this film. It seems that Debbie has a brilliant idea. They can save themselves a good deal of pain if they fake the spanking. Alisa is gullible and agrees to the plan. They need to show some obvious lines on their bottom. So what do they use? Simple. They press their bare bottoms to the grills of a hot-water space heater. But, that does not give them the overall red bottom that the also require so they try a bit of self-spanking. That scene is pretty funny, to see the two spank themselves and try to pinken their bare bottoms. The view, the camera angle, of the spankings could not be better. Let me say that the camera angle starts low and shoots up. Everything is on display from that angle. They can't quite do a sufficient job, so they try to spank each other. Satisfied, they forge the signature on the notes and return to the headmaster who believes them and asks them to wait in his office, bottoms on display only to be interrupted and informed that Miss Cook was ill and could not come today. Oh the best laid plans. There is always something that will go wrong. How could they be spanked by Miss Cook when she was not even here? Now, the headmaster is upset at being deceived. A bit of interrogation ensures and it seems that Debbie has done this before. Well, not to be too foolish and still requiring that the girls be punished, he applies the slipper to their bottoms that should have been done earlier. Alisa has a sensitive bottom and shows a great deal of discomfort to the application of the slipper. Debbie, on the other hand, seems to be all smiles. Since Debbie has done this earlier, she is also given the cane over her girdled panties. Now the ladies really do have a sore bottom and are warned that the next time, it will be "on the bare". To make matters worse, he orders the two to after school detention. This detention is with the same new gym teacher that the caused such as rise in the girls pulses earlier. They are delighted to be in his charge for their detention and playfully show their admiration on his board. These two are real minxes. They flirt and tease and play with him as he puts them through their paces. A few bends, stretches, and fanny wiggles are the entire course. Detention for me was always associated with books, writing, and sore cramped hands. I do not know which is worse, a sore writing hand or a sore pair of legs. But, from what they showed, I would take the calisthenics. Besides, the gym teacher is really cute. However, it seems that the two girls have gone too far with teasing him. They can't seem to do the exercises without trying to entice him and taunt him. As a result, he refers them back to the headmaster. True to the headmaster's word earlier today, the pair are sent back to the gym teacher to be punished "on the bare." Is it too late for me to change my choice for detention? I would like the writing instead, please.

This gym teacher is no push over. On the bare bottom is to be on the bare bottom. Down come the gym pants and over the vaulting horse the two girls go, bottoms out, legs suitably apart, and side by side. We now come to the "good stuff" of the film. One by one, he spanks them with his hand. This is not the same type that they tried when they spanked each other. These are full over-head strokes and well planted smacks to the bottom. In very short order, Alisa has a nice red bottom and is in serious discomfort. Debbie, on the other hand is still all smiles. Yes, there is an occasional grimace from Debbie when her bottom is smacked, but the smile returns to her lips shortly thereafter. He is still not satisfied. He must have been looking at Debbie's grin. The next shot is interesting in that I have never seen it before. He has the two of them sit on the horse, with their naked bottoms hanging over the side. One by one, he pushes each girl forward and spanks the naked region that is projecting off the horse. Alisa squirms. Debbie smiles as you can't help but notice the bottoms projecting out. Even Debbie's bottom is starting to turn a nice shade of pink by now. Alisa's is beyond pink, and is well on the way to red. He is still not satisfied that these two are repentant. After all, Debbie is still teasing him. With that, he extracts a heavy tawse. This is probably the most submissive and reveling scene in the film. It is even better than the up-the-bottom shots earlier. In this scene, the two kneel on the horse, and bend over to put their heads near their knees, bare bottoms sticking straight up. It shows everything that the ladies have. Everything is on display.

Alisa gets it first. The first stroke goes across both cheeks and she whimpers in pain. With the second stroke the tawse can not help but curl around Alisa's cheek and strike that most sensitive area between the cheeks. Ouch! That must have hurt! Her reaction is immediate. It is a sharp cry of pain and an immediate attempt to clench her bottom together. Then try as she could, she could not keep it from hurting. Alisa tries to keep the cheeks together, and for the most part manages to do so during the strapping. She is not having a good time of it however as evident from her body reactions. Debbie's reaction to the tawse was similar. This was the first real spanking for her. This was the first time that she showed an uncomfortable nature. This was the first time that she did quite a bit of squirming. She squirmed like a fish out of water to the strap. Back and forth, up and down, she tried most every way to get away. The last punishment scene is probably the best of the whole film; the caning of the two girls. It is my favorite scene of the entire video. The reasons are simple. The punishments are severe enough to, well, fuel my lusty desire and get me to say "Oh my gosh. Look at that!" They are not overly cruel; and lastly the ladies do exhibit the proper response to the punishment. This gym teacher knows how to handle a reed and apply it to a lady's bottom. The first caning is of Debbie with her prone over the same horse that housed their bottoms earlier. And, unlike the headmaster, this gentleman does apply the cane with enough force to raise some serious welts on Debbie's bottom. Debbie really feels each strike of the cane. Her feet go up as her hands go back. By the time that we are given a close-up of her bottom, several welts are visible across her cheeks. On one, especially hard stoke, she rises up on her knees with a severe look of pain in her face. All the while Alisa has her mouth open, knowing what is in store for her as she rubs her own bottom. The second caning is for Alisa. Her caning is resting over the horse, not prone on it. She has a much tougher time of the affair. Even the additional footage on the DVD version shows a good caning sequence of her bottom. This sequence is almost worth the price of the video alone. Alisa can not hold position. With every stroke she kicks, cries, and squirms trying to avoid the pain building in her bottom.

The end results are two girls having a well striped bottom. It is a beautiful job. All that remains is for the ladies to go back to the headmaster, this time with a well spanked bottom, and show off their results. The film ends. The fact that these two ladies are the epitomic brat (or cheeky) girls make this video viable. It is justice. The girls deserved what they received. They tried to cheat the system and were caught. They lied and were caught. They flirted with someone who had no desire to deal with their flirtatious nature. They were caught. The punishment was delivered with the acceptable nature for a British spanking video; a good caning on a bare set of cheeks for a pair of cheeky ladies. If you have a DVD player, get the DVD copy. It is technically better, yes, but it also has additional footage that the video tape version does not. Included in the additional footage is a reprise of Alisa's caning.

All in all, this is a wonderful video. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am sorry that the ladies in the video did not. But, you can't have everything. I am only glad that I am the one watching it and not the one receiving the discipline. Oh, and the gym teacher is cute, too.

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