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Raven Hill recently released 3 more videos in their Beach series, where they approach young women on the beach and offer them cash in exchange for spankings. I've seen vod 4, 5 and 6 and will be reviewing the other 2 in the near future. In this volume, the video starts with the 2 guys walking along the beach where they encounter 2 girls from Wisconsin. Terry, the producer, does most of the talking with the girls. They discuss this for a while and then head back to the beach house. At first, only the brunette is interested and her friend is just going to watch. Thankfully, she does eventually agree to get spanked as well. But, first the Brunette, who has long hair and is of a medium build, has to remove her black jean shorts and light colored panties and lay over Terry's lap. There is an hour glass that sets the time for five minutes, which is how long each session lasts. So, once the hour glass is turned over, the hand spanking begins. This is this girl's first spanking ever and he doesn't really go that easy on her. The spanks are pretty hard. She is then let up and must choose what her next punishment will be. There is a clear board with circles on it. Each circle has an instrument labeled on the back that only the camera sees. One of the choices is free pass, which means she would get the money, but not have to continue. She picks the circle with the leather strap label on it. There is a bit of conversation in between the sessions, which they talk about the instrument, ect. Anyway, she is bent over a stool and given the strap for 5 minutes. Terry goes lightly on a few, but gives her some full force blows as well. She then must choose the final circle. This one is the hairbrush. She once again goes over the knee and is spanked for another 5 minutes. When all is said and done, she is pretty red and I would imagine pretty sore as well. As mentioned earlier, the cute blonde agrees to take the offer. She first removes her jean shorts and black thong and lays over Terry's lap. She get the 5 minute warm up spanking. He gives her a pretty good spanking and she is already turning red. She too must choose the instrument for the 2nd session. She chooses the circle with the ruler on it. She is bent over a stool and Terry really beats the daylights out of her butt. By the time the five minutes are up, her butt is really marked up. But wait, there is still one more circle to choose. She pics the one labeled the cane. Yes, the cane. Again, she is bent over the stool and given many strokes over the course of the five minutes. He really doesn't hold back that much, so she really gets a butt blistering. If that isn't good enough for you, as a few points, she actually reaches between her legs and starts rubbing herself. I think Raven Hill does a nice job with this series. The capture nice looking women, who are not actresses, and there is alot of impromptu stuff. The video is an hour long.

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