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This video, like the others of this series, starts off with the 2 guys walking along the beach talking about hoping to find a girl that is willing to partake in this deal. They come accross this medium build girl with long dirty blondish hair. They chat with her for a while and she returns to the beach house with them. She takes off her bikini bottoms and goes over the knee for a five minute hand spanking. The spanking is pretty hard and she reddens up pretty good. As all other vidoes of this series, the girl must choose one of several circles that are on a clear board. She can't see what each cirlce says, but all have a punishment instrument on them, with the exception of 1, which is an escape. The 2nd instument she gets is the strap. The guy doesn't really hold back and this girl is rather annimated, which is fun. She kicks back alot and wiggles around. Back to the board for the last instrument. She gets the school paddle. She has to take 25 swats and as time goes on, she gets more annimated. She bends over, lays on the floor, lifts one leg up on the couch. She definately keeps your attention. The action is pretty good, like I said before, they really don't hold back too much. Back to the beach for another girl. This time they come accross a thin sunbather with short blonde hair. She agrees to their proposal and returns to the beach house with them. Like all the others, she is spanked on the bare bottom over the knee for the first session. She has a small tattoo on her back, but it's not that bad to look at. Spanking is fairly hard and she starts to redden up. The first instrument of punishment is the strap. Like our first girl, he doesn't hold back alot and she is definately feeling the sting. She isn't as annimated as the first girl, but her expressions show that she is feeling the swats. The last portion of the tape shows her choosing the circle that will have her punished by the school paddle. 25 swats and then she can go home. Again, hard swats and she is definately feeling the sting to each blow. All in all, a nice tape. I think Raven Hill has latched on to something with this series. The video is an hour long.

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