Guest Reviews by an anonymous reader posted 10/24/08

I first saw this excellent movie in 1994. It was on the Kane label and called "The Beak, The Mistress and the schoolgirls" (In the Uk, headmasters were frequently called "The Beak" particularly at boarding schools).

The movie stars a much younger Sam Johnson, Brandy (who was in a lot of spanking movies in the 80's and early 90's) and the quite delectable Sue Ellis. Sam Johnson and Brandy play the parts of schoolgirls in authentic school green school uniforms. Including bottle green, cardigans, striped tie and pleated skirt. Both girls have bunches and ribbons in their hair. Sue Ellis is the mature school teacher and is wearing a white silk blouse, black open waist- coat, black pencil skirt and high-heels. She has her long blonde hair in a pony-tail, tied with a black bow and is wearing Sarah Palin type glasses which makes her look even sexier. And of course, she has a figure with curves in all the right places.

The movie starts with the 2 younger girls obviously in detention. They're supposed to be doing their homework, but instead, are writing out Valentine cards, giggling and generally mis-behaving. Suddenly the decrepid old headmaster appears. A bespectacled, grey haired man who was in a lot of spanking movies around that time. He's wearing full black gown (looks a bit like Batman's cloak) and mitre-board. He admonishes the girls informing them that in his day, messing-about like that would have warranted an old-fashioned spanking. He then tells them to put the reference books back on his book-shelf when they've finished.

However, in his office they find an old spanking magazine and video which brings forth peals of laughter. Suddenly, Sue Ellis who goes under the name of Miss Barrington-Clitt, suddenly appears. And she is none too pleased. She is unwilling to accept their explanations that the video was not theirs. When they try to argue that they had found it and were going to hand it in, she says, "Don't answer me back" in a severe tone. She goes on to say that it is a serious crime and that "the crime should fit the punishment" and smacks her hands together. Sam and Brandy realise what she means and whine, "That's not allowed Miss".

Ignoring their protests, she soon takes both girls in turn across her knee to administer a spanking. Despite shrieks and protests at each smack, school skirts and regulation green cotton panties are soon removed for the spanking to continue on bare arses. Suddenly, the classroom door is flung open and the headmaster comes in. "What on earth is going on here"? he thunders.

The teacher quickly releases Brandy who shows her naked rear to him followed by Sam. After quickly examining them he tells them to go to their dormitory and not to tell anyone. They are then to report to his study later. Turning his attention to the teacher, he severely admonishes her telling her that corporal punishment has not been allowed for the last five years. He tells her that the Board of Govenors could sack her followed by him, if they found out. He tells her to report to his office at 6.00pm sharp.

She turns up at his office with her glasses hanging on a chain around her neck. Complimenting her on his time- keeping, he tells her that he's had the meeting with the girls. And they are blackmailing him and Miss Barrington.

"In return for not telling their parents and govenors, they want to be made prefects", he tells her.

"They don't deserve it", sneers Miss Barrington-Clitt.

But the head-master drops another bombshell as he tells her that in addition, he is to administer to her what she did to them. "A spanking on her bare bottom".

"You're not", comes the emphatic reply with a swift shake of her head from side to side.

"I've never been spanked, noone has ever pulled my pants down," she continues emphatically.

"Well perhaps they should have done a long time ago", thunders the headmaster.

Eventually the realisation that she could lose her job and the school might have to close persuades her that she has to accept a punishment. And what a punishment. To see this arrogant confident woman reduced to tears is truly something. When her tight skirt is pulled up to reveal black silky panties stretched tautly across her arse, a black suspender belt and black nylons it brings a lump to my throat. And when after a few minutes spanking he tells her, "I'm going to pull your knickers (panties) down as though you were a child".

She sobs, "But I'm not a child"

"I can see that", he replies and so can the rest of us.

The panties come down and she suffers the most humiliating spanking ever. But it's not over yet. A good paddling and caning are to follow. And boy, does her arse wobble and does she cry and protest with every spank or cane stroke.

Eventually, she manages to persuade him to look at the film and he realises she's been telling the truth and has been punished for nothing. He then seeks out Brandy and Sam Johnson for a spanking on their behinds. This is pretty much routine fare.

But nothing compares with the magnificent Sue Ellis getting spanked. Truly memorable and not a tattoo in sight.


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