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Beaten Bimbos

Length: 59
Review by COLLECTOR posted 7/16/10

A plot of the simplist concept, filmed in one room, and the conventional process with few variations. The two female actresses save the show by having a tremendous capacity for punishment. The actress Alison Payne, possessed of one of the three or four best bottoms we have ever had occasion to review for spanking, a Moonglow mainstay with a long resume, and a penchant for toughness combined with sweet acting, holds the film together. The actress Debbie matches her capacity for punishment here.

The two girls, acting very much like bimbos, rent a house or a furnished apartment from a grey-haired guy, often seen in this film era. They quickly rummage around, find his cache of spanking implements, canes and a collection of spanking action scene photos, and a bondage pole they call a "Maypole"; Debbie tries on a fetish-style nurse's uniform, and Alison pockets some money, when they are caught. The facts are not clear to us, but it is evident that the girls are guilty and the guy is pleased he has them in a bind.

The remainder of the video will be in one room, a sparse unprepared set which looks like a cleaned-out office. The girls agree to be spanked. He directs Alison to spank Debbie OTK, on her white panties, little dime store uniform pulled up. Alison, experienced in CP, spanks hard from the first.

The girls are directed to switch. Alison wears red pants under her plaid skirt. She knows to spread her legs wide to establish balance on Debbie's lap. The landlord notes of Alison: "You're quite a little wiggler," regarding how Alison twitches her eye-popping bottom whenever she is spanked, as in most of her work. The landlord hands Debbie a strap to use, and after a stroke or two, she is very aggressive with it.

Alison moves on top and is even more firm with the strap, and with another variety from the landlord. He doesn't seem to be satisfied. "Is that the best you can do? Still not very good."

He has Debbie lie on the floor on pillows, where he straps her, straddling her from above, slashing vertically and horizontally. Although this would sting and be a way to get in the buttock crack and gaps, it does not photograph well. Debbie's panties come down for the first time.

Alison replaces Debbie on the pillows. She knows to hoist her skirt out of the way without prompting. The poor photo angle wastes the drama of Alison's pants coming down for the first time.

The landlord continues his progression of punishment. Debbie leans over the back of a straight chair, legs splayed and straight, without direction. The landlord: "You're learning." A strap, panties stretched at the ankles. Fetish outfit off, bra left only. Debbie is being inched toward oblivion. Alison does her turn over the chair--her bare legs seem 6 feet long. When her pants come down, the camera zooms in to her pussy with dispatch. After some strapping, "Right, cane time."

Two chairs are placed back to back. Debbie kneels on one--"Get those tits over the top," -so she leans over the other seat, putting her bottom uppermost. About 20 hard slashing cane strokes, seen from several angles. Given the stength of this caning (and more to come), there must have been repeats. Debbie is stoic and remains still.

Alison goes over next. It is hard to resist praising her soaring bottom on each occasion it is presented. About 25 strokes for her, seen closeup on her bottom, oblique, or as a facial.

This phase concluded, both girls face us, providing leisurely frontal glimpses. "Hands at your sides!" Then, for some reason, the landlord decides to cane the girls AGAIN, a whole new round. Debbie and Alison take turns over the chairs again, for about 20 strokes each. The canings have been hard--the strokes full-swing and snappy, no tappy-tap, no half-shots or pulling of punches, yet neither girl has marked much.

The girls are finished and sent off, in just their bras. "Like this?" Alison asks in amazement. "Get out."

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