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Bedroom Discipline

Written and Directed by: Eve Howard
Produced by: Tony Elka
Starring: Arthur Sire
Marnie Reeves
Reviewed By: Dorothy Parker-Posey

My husband, David Pierson, who writes for this website, has been asking me for sometime now to write a review. He knows that I am a big fan of Shadow Lane's work and he told me that they had just released a new and very sexy video. He also told me that the site would benefit by having woman's perspective represented. I, of course, said no. David persisted, and informed me as to how much fun I'd have in writing the review. I then said to him " Listen buddy, I have a Ph.D. in Physics and I don't have to write a review if I don't want to!" Well, my dear husband finally convinced me to write this article. And to think that it only took twenty-fives smacks on my bare bottom with our nasty wooden hairbrush to persuade me. My husband can be very persuasive. I'll be writing this review sitting on a nice, soft pillow.

For me, a spanking video must have three key elements for it to be considered an entertaining erotic work. 1. It must have an entertaining and a plausible story line that leads to the spanking action. 2. The actors must be attractive. 3. The combination of the first two key elements must make me hot. We are talking about an erotic art form, are we not? This production of " Bedroom Discipline" succeeds in all three categories. (Especially the part about making me hot)

As the video opens we find the terminally cute Marnie Reeves, dressed only in a navy blue camisole and matching panties, pacing around the house that she shares with her lover, Arthur. Marnie works as a professional submissive at a local dungeon. Marnie had been sent home from work with a letter from her Mistress to be given to Arthur. The note indicated that Marnie has been behaving in a manner unbecoming of a proper submissive. It seems that Marnie has been engaging her clients in ways sexual. This sexual contact with her clients was a major violation of dungeon rules. The Mistress also indicated that several sexual devices were found in the naughty submissive's locker. This missive from the mistress concluded with a request that Arthur take the necessary corrective measures to ameliorate this problem. The plot that leads us into Marnie's punishment is a creative variation on the theme of the note being sent home by the principle so commonly used in numerous schoolgirl-spanking videos. Leave it to Eve Howard to find such a fresh way of presenting this well-worn concept.

Upon his arrival home, the dashing Arthur knew that something was amiss. After several minutes of questioning, Marnie finally presented Arthur with the Mistress's letter along with a bag containing the sexual implements discovered in her locker. Arthur knew immediately that this letter had the ring of truth to it and, in no time at all, the lovely Marnie found herself over Arthur's knee. I have had a fondness for Mr. Sire ever since I saw his performance in Shadow Lane's " Talk to the Hand." He is a master in the art of the erotic spanking. He dishes out both pain and pleasure in equal measure.

Arthur started Marnie's punishment by spanking her hard across her next to naked bottom. The panties that Marnie was wearing left both of her butt cheeks exposed with only a small strip of cloth covering her continental divide. He noted that he was not punishing his lover because she violated the dungeon's rules, rather, he was chastising her due to the fact that she had violated their relationship. Marnie's bottom quickly reddened under Mr. Sire's avenging hand. After a time, Arthur would reach between Marnie's legs and softly message her vagina. After the hand spanking concluded, Arthur made Marnie lie across a divan with her head down and her bottom raised upward, in punishment position. Marnie's irate lover pulled out a nasty looking black leather paddle and spanked her vulnerable bottom with it, bringing cries of pain from the naughty submissive's mouth. After spanking Marnie with this nasty implement of pain, Arthur decided to mix a lot of pain with a little pleasure. At one point in the session, Arthur took the black paddle and pushed it firmly against Marnie's pussy. This bought a deep gasp from the punished one's mouth. (And mine!) Arthur rubbed the leather instrument against Marnie's vagina while spanking her with his hand. Soon Arthur began to spank his unfaithful lover with a Shadow Lane hairbrush. At this point Marnie pleaded with Arthur to stop her punishment. He, of course, ignored her pleas for mercy.

The next phase of the punishment of Marnie began as her panties were removed and she was made to straddle the flat piece of furniture upon which she was laying. In this position Marnie's clean- shaven vagina and anus were available to the ministrations of Arthur's rather creative use of implements more commonly used for purposes of punishment. After making Marnie straddle the divan he began to gather his various spanking implements from around the living room. It is always wise to keep your spanking tools at the ready as you never know when you'll have need of them. The first object bought into play by the handsome Mr. Sire was a short wooden cane. Just when I thought that he was going to strike Marnie's vulnerable bottom with this very severe implement of correction, Arthur placed this object between his naughty lover's labia. Ever so gently, he moved the cane in an up and down motion. After a few moments of this Arthur stopped and then proceeded to lubricate Marnie's shaved pussy with a healthy dollop of KY jelly. He then resumed massaging Marnie's vagina with the cane. Then, Arthur began to strike Marnie's bottom with a birch while he continued to knead Marnie's vagina with the cane. I don't think Marnie knew if she was coming or going. (sorry)

Soon Arthur moved the lovely submissive to the bed and began to spank her naked bottom. Arthur then began to simultaneously spank and pleasure our heroine. One hand provided the pain, the other the pleasure. After concluding this aspect of Marnie's punishment, Arthur dumped the bag of sexual goodies on the bed. On the bed next to the red bottomed young woman were dildos, butt plugs and beads of all sorts.

Soon, we near the climatic scene of this highly erotic production. Marnie, now completely naked was required to straddle a punishment horse. With her bottom raised Arthur began to use some of the sexual devices that Marnie had been using at work. First he inserted a dildo deep into his lover's vagina. While thrusting the dildo in and out of Marnie's well lubricated pussy, Arthur spanked her hard. Soon, the dildo was removed and the handle of the Shadow Lane hairbrush was inserted in its stead. After fucking his lover with the hairbrush, Arthur inserted a dildo into Marnie's anus. Marnie growned as her dominant lover moved the pseudo phallus in and out of her ass. While fucking marnie up her ass with the dildo, Arthur would smack her hard on the cheeks of her already reddened bottom. The video concludes with Marie lying on her back masturbating while Arthur worked the dildo in and out of her anus.

For me, this video was a deeply moving experience. Hell, it was hard writing this review without touching myself! This video is a terrific example of true erotic spanking. It is a great video to watch with your lover. However, if you are alone at the time you are watching this wonderful piece of erotica make sure that you are prepared. Ladies make sure that whatever vibrating instrument you use to pleasure yourself is fully charged. As a precaution, you may want to keep some extra AA batteries in the house. As for you men, I'm sure that you guys know what to do.

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