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Behind Closed Doors

Mood Pictures (2007)
Produced by Pedro and Pablo
Written and Directed by Pedro
Inmates: Veronica High, Mona Silvestre, Rita Virgin,
Mercedes, Mary Runner, Rita Goord,
Wardens: Lady Jenny, Pokemon, Emeralda Lung
Hungarian with English Subtitles
Running Time 58 minutes
Initial Guest Review by Ronald Scott posted 6/22/07

Behind Closed Doors is another outstanding release with a detention house theme from Mood Pictures. It features a beautiful red-haired spanking actress Veronica High and five other comely beauties put to the lash by three sadistic guards.

At the start, we see five quite cute inmates in a dorm room with their hands behind their heads. The guard pulls each girls blouse up (conveniently they are not wearing bras) and then their pants down. She is choosing some girls for a "special" assignment. After choosing two girls, she leaves and the remaining girls (including the very sexy Veronica High) undress for bed while we get to watch ! After they lay down naked on the beds on their backs, another guard ties their hands to the back corners of the bed in a nicely erotic scene. The highlight is watching the young-looking beauty Mona Silvestre bound to the bed for the entire night.

Next the two chosen girls are taken to a bedroom for some kinky fun (for the guards, that is). The guard tells the girls "don't look at me". The blonde is tied to a spanking bench and the guard strips to the waist. After a short caning the other two guards put crème on her ass. In the following scene, two prisoners gang up on a third in a bathroom and force her to lick their pussies.

In the following scene we are outside the detention house, it is cold, and the guards force the scantily clad prisoners to do exercises. Another guard has found a knife and wants to know the owner and how she got it. As there is no answer, they force the girls to strip and stand shivering in the cold till one girl confesses. After a while (we get to watch the naked beauties suffering) one girl points out another but she does not confess.

The guards decide to severely punish the girls because of this. We now see the 5 naked girls with their backs to the wall in a brightly lit room with a transparent plastic punishment bench in the middle. It has holes for the head and hands like those used in medieval times.

Each girl is bent over into the contemporary-medieval punishment bench and given a long painful caning. The girls must count out each of the 50 blows and the guards are intent in making each girl suffer as much as possible during her caning. The canings of the first two girls are good but the caning of the 3rd girl, Veronica High, really gets the blood boiling !!! It includes some great face shots of her steadily increasing anguish and desperation added to by her cries and tears. I consider this one of the top punishment scenes of 2007

Next the beautiful Mona Silvestre is caned. After 25 strokes another guard takes over and at 30 strokes Mona begs for it to stop. The guard replies that "I will decide how long the punishment goes on, not you". Then the fifth girl is caned. But wait there is more!!

Four girls carry the plastic punishment bench away and leave. The guards decide to also whip the last girl, Rita Virgin (who was pointed out by another prisoner outside) and they tie her hands above her head. This scene starts OK but later becomes another highlight of this video with excellent upper body and face shots of the black haired girl's intense suffering complemented by views of the increasing whip welts on her naked back.

DVD extras include two trailers and some out-takes including the usual "funny" scenes as well as a fairly sexy scene with the 5 naked girls with their backs to the wall in the punishment room.

Overall, this is an excellent spanking video including a slow erotic undressing scene at the start and ending with severe canings of several beautiful girls, followed by a cruel whipping scene of a slim girl who has already been caned. I rate this video 9.35 on a scale of 10.

2nd Review by MARS posted 7/11/08

This film has been reviewed before It was our first look at Mood, and so impressive for us we'd like to offer our opinion as well. This story (and there actually is a story to accompany 5 well-cast bottoms) is set in an institution. With no preamble, we watch several wardesses strip six girls, one at a time, most to total nudity, topped off by delightful bend-overs. Each girl is more dramatically attractive than the last; Mood has some stable fo talent! The girls then re-dress. Two are selected by two wardesses and marched out. The remaining four strip yet again and are strapped into bed for the night. Lots of glorious bare skin and the promise of things to come.

One of the selected girls, a dynamic nubile blonde you could see in a cultural poster slinging hay in a Russian field, is taken to a bedroom, for some "closed door" after-hours fun for the two guards. There she is stripped from the waist down by one guard and strapped kneeling to a bench, while the lead guard strips off her own top and begins tormenting the helpless girl's beautiful displayed bottom with a nasty-looked thorned switch. With a heavier cane than we usually see, she lays on 10 unmistakably severe strokes. The girl rocks in the bench. She is released, stripped completely, then creamed on the bed by the now-naked guards. Powerful scene.

Cut to an irrelevent bathroom scene, where the incarcerated girls force the small thin member of the group to provide some oral attention to another of the girls.

Next we move to a cold outside courtyard. The girls are lined by by the guards, who are wearing terrific leather jackets of hostile Eastern European image. The girls are forced to do some silly PT in their prison garb, during which time a guard brings out a knife which has been discovered inside in the girls' gear. When no one confesses, you know what must happen-we've been waiting- clothes off! The girls stand and shiver nude. Mood does a great job with the stripping/humiliation scenes. Finally one of the girls rats and points out the culprit.

We next find ourselves in the Punishment Room for the main event. The five again naked girls will be caned one at a time. A modern stocks-device, with holes for the head and wrists, made of clear plastic and aluminum, will be used. The transparent plastic provides unique visibility, so that we can see agonized facial closeups as the cane falls in the background. The device is high enough to put the taller girls' bottoms at a most embarrassing angle, and its base wide enough to tolerate the frantic twitchings we'll be seeing during these awesome canings. Ankles are strapped wide, showing the girls' perfect shaves. No spanking restraint devices are as clever as those at Nu West, but this one is admirable.

The first naked tall brunette is called forward and locked in, her elegant perfectly lit bottom framed by the stocks. The positioning, rattling, and locking of the equipment are very sexy, higher tech version of the strapping down of Victorian schoolgirls to the Rigid East bench. The brunette takes 25 strokes from one guard, then 25 from the head guard--loud, wicked, echoing, the most effective caning we have possibly ever seen. For each caning, the victim and the other girls must count the strokes aloud. The poor girl shakes and gasps, quivering involuntarily. Don't get sent to this institution.

The second young lady, the least endowed of the group, except for her bottom, is fastened and receives her two sets of 25. Some strokes are intentionally low on the thighs and a few to the lower back. The word "ouch" is inadequate.

The third girl, another tall brunette, sets up a huge screaming outcry as she takes her 50, as realistic as can be imagined. The guards are motivated, dig in, and are inspired by the screaming to cane all the harder. Could be the most dramatic caning in our collection.

The fourth girl, another stunning brunette, is brought forward. They have some trouble adjusting the headpiece of the stocks; we credit Mood for the realism and not editing out this delay. The girl's anxious face and bottom await the adjustments. She cries and whines from the start, shaking involuntarily. The caners demand that she, as well as the other girls, keep her legs straight and bottom elevated.

The supervisor will cane the fifth girl herself. She is the tallest and the best example of how the stocks position the bottom. She cries immediately and has good reason. The supervisor is almost vicious and is enjoying herself. Big attention to the thighs.

At the conclusion, the camera pans the five chastised bottoms. Nice work. The girls push away the stocks device and are marched out. They walk gingerly. The girl who snitched is held back and strung up by the wrists, in a slow sexy hoist. She is whipped 50 times on her bare back, with a few for good measure across her bottom. She wipes tears on her arm as she counts them out. Recommended to follow every rule in this institution.

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