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Behind the Flaming Strap Part I

Starring: Dallas
Gia Regency
Loren AKA Carly Daniels
Review by Katrina
Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes

This spanking video is about; well you guessed it, Dallas strapping ladies' naked bottoms. He uses a short strop. This strap is hard leather on one side and soft fleece on the other. It does serious damage to the girl's bottom which end up, for the most part, blood red.


Gia plays a college student. She felt that she did not deserve the grade that she got for a test and hacked into the professor's grading system and changed her grade.

Out of the corner, Dallas grabs her ear and puts her over his lap on the sofa. "This is just a beginning" he warns her. He starts to hand spank her bottom which turns a very nice shade of red in amongst Gia's grunts of pain. This girl is a brat. I would never tell Dallas "I am sorry that it hurts you worse than it does me." Finally, after a few more swats, she tells him that she will not show the professor her bottom. Dallas picks up the pace. She still won't do it. So, Dallas steps up the pace again and hits harder. Finally, she screams as loudly as she can and he stops. He asks once again. Her response is simply "yes", to her now quite red bottom.

For the strapping, she is positioned with her hands on her knees, facing the same sofa used for her hand spanking. As Dallas begins to strap her bottom, she screams with every one. It is hard to tell at the start that anything is changing, her bottom is so red from the hand spanking. That is, until, one manages to wrap just around one cheek and hit in between the two cheeks. That is too much for her. Her reaction is quite violent. She shakes, rocks, screams, wiggles, and nearly drops to the floor while slamming the cheeks together as tightly as she can. From that point, her screams have gone up a couple octaves. She can not longer keep her hands on her knees as they both reach back for a moment. By now, what was red from the hand spanking is now a few shades deeper.

By the time that she is pushed down to her knees, you can tell that she has dark red bruises in those tanned cheeks. Pushing her up against the sofa, Dallas starts to use a different strap. In this position, her motion is limited by her clothing and position. This gives Dallas a fairly stable target which he proceeds to hit with the strap at a fairly good pace. Now her bottom and upper thighs are full of blood red splotches as he starts to hit a single cheek from the top. The next position is my favorite. It has Gia lying prone on the sofa, her sorry red bottom sticking up. Dallas stands to one side and straps her bottom which bounces and shakes under the impact. He is making sure that her entire bottom area is to be red. He is hitting all of the areas that were missed earlier. Now the mounds are red all around. From the number of strokes, this is the longest part of the Gia's session. Occasionally, we are treated to a view of her bottom as she clenches in response to each strap. Finally, we are starting to see the proper reaction. She squirms. She screams. She is finally experiencing the full effect of the strapping. After a few such straps, Dallas finally stops.

Gia gets the paddle for her sassiness next. She leans against the door, bottom out. Dallas uses a wooden paddle, with a grid work of holes. After two swats of the paddle, she is having trouble. After three, she is screaming. Four, she is requesting God's help. Soon, she asks "Are you just trying to break the paddle on my ass?" Soon, the strap marks are joined by the bulls-eye patter of the paddle. This lady has one well marked bottom. Dallas makes her count the last ten full, forceful, hard, paddle strokes. Relegated to the corner, she can not help but grab and squeeze her sore bottom.


Loren was a pretty brunette with shoulder length hair, dressed in a short brown dress. She was be punished for private deeds in her life. She wanted to relieve her guilt, and did not give the specific detailed reason for her punishment. However, that did not save her fate. She was to experience the strap. When she is informed of her fate, she started to bite her lips and, I am sure, started to wonder if this was a good idea. She is put into the corner, arms on her head, and Dallas hikes her dress and yanks down her panties.

Dallas grabs her ear and escorts her to a dresser table, with a mirror. She is told to put her arms on the table and keep her bottom sticking out, and to stare at her face in the mirror. From the first strike, you can see a red mark, laterally across the middle of her left cheek as the skin reacts to the leather. When he continues, she grunts and groans from the pain. That strap mark just gets darker as Dallas seems to hit the same spot over and over again. By half a dozen, her bottom cheeks are beginning to turn very red. By eight, Dallas changes side and continues from the right. Shortly, her bottom is beginning to show some deep red bruises. All the while, the camera angle is from her back, showing her face in the mirror and her bottom in the foreground. Occasionally, even Dallas misses and her upper thighs are treated to the sting of the strap. For those, her reaction is much more extreme. After twenty five strikes, there is a very wide stripe across her bottom cheeks. It is all red. If you look at it carefully, you see that it is comprised of overlapping strap marks, one laid on top of another. Yet, I am sure; it just feels like one strapped bottom to the lady. It all just hurts. She can not distinguish the separate events from the total pain.

After the twenty five, she is escorted to the wall and assumes "the position" as if she was to be paddled. (Her hands are placed on her knees; feet apart.) Dallas changes to a different strap. This one is longer, wider, and has a wooden handle. Dallas gets gives her six with this strap and her bottom is not longer just "red". It is deep, blood, red.

For the final position, she kneels on the sofa, holds on to the top and looks over the back at the blank wall with her bottom sticking out. He uses the same wide strap for the last fifteen which she must count in amidst the "eeks" that she screams. After a short pause, Dallas resumes strapping her bottom. She is far from quiet. You may have to turn down the volume on your set for what follows.


Chloe is a platinum blonde in a skin tight dress. She went on a paid vacation Aruba with a "gentleman". It seems that her husband did not like his wife going off with another man and hooking up with someone once she gets to the Caribbean. Her husband sent Chloe to see Dallas who wants Dallas to be "somewhat stern with her."

She is led to the same table and mirror used with Loren and assumes the same position. The strapping starts. Like Loren, her bottom begins to show the effects from the first strap. By the third, she starts to wiggle her bottom. By the fourth, she starts to verbally complain. After that, she can not seem to keep position. Her bottom moves all over the place. This is not a good day for Chloe. Eventually, she is moved to a spread-eagle standing position against the door and the strapping continues. All that she can say is "I won't do it again", as if that would stop the punishment. By now, her bottom is a mess of blue islands set in an ocean of red. At the start of the "second half", she is yelling at the top of her lungs in pain. This is probably too much for her by the time that Dallas purposely causes the strap to wrap around her right buttock to her hip. The next position has her sitting on a wooden char, hands and head over the chair back, bottom sticking out. With that position, he can attack the bottom from the top, one cheek at a time. Finally, he is set to lean over the back of the same char, her breasts hanging down. The strapping resumes. She screams with every one. With each one, she rocks forward under the strap only to resume her position for the next one. By the time that Dallas has finished, Chloe may wish that she wore a full length dress tonight. It will be hard to hide those marks going home in a short dress. They will show right through the material.

This video is about the strap. If this is not an implement that entices your fantasy, then perhaps the reactions of the ladies would do it. If not, well there are still the pretty ladies, with very spankable bottoms being well strapped. It is a level above his hand spanking videos, and that is saying quite a bit. It is definitely not a video to show your special someone in an effort to convince them that spanking is sensual. If you did, she would never talk to you again. That being said, I loved it, for perhaps totally personal reasons. The marks, reactions, and effects are absolutely real. All of the ladies went away not with a pink bottom. They did not leave with a red bottom. They left with a flaming red bottom; courtesy of Dallas and the flaming strap. It is an excellent addition to Dallas' offerings and your collection. I can't wait to see what comes out with "Part 2".

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