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Belt Spankings 2

Produced by: G & D Productions
Running time: 31 Minutes
Review by: John O'Connell posted 2/6/09

Belt Spankings 2 is one of Amateur Spankings more recent productions and as the name might indicate, focuses on punishments issued with the belt. Each scene features a different model receiving a belt spanking for their trangressions.

Scene 1: The pretty blonde Ashlynn is the first girl up that you get to watch receive her licks. No time is wasted as she lowers her jeans and thong, spreads her legs slightly, and bends over a table. In all she receives roughtly 28-30 lashes with the belt on her bare bottom. A number of camera angles are provided during this scene including a facial shot and an eye level angle. She is allowed to rub her bottom before pulling up her pants.

Scene 2: Skylar is in trouble because the teachers found a bottle of vodka in her locker at school. She is on her bed wearing a white bra and panties and is ordered to bend over the bed to receive the belt. In total she receives 40 lashes over her panties with a number of camera angles in the scene as well. Once the punishment is over, she lowers her panties and rubs her sore bottom.

Scene 3: Cutie Cat is in trouble for back talking and using some not so nice language. For that, she will receive the belt. She receives 6 over her jeans, 8 over her frilly panties, and 5 on the bare for her foul language.

Scene 4: The hot blonde Kris is in trouble for drinking. Despite her attempt to dismiss this, the man in charge knows what she's been doing and it's time for her punishment. She is made to fetch a belt from the closet, take off her shorts, and lower her g-string before leaning over the couch. She is given over 25 lashes before allowed to go on her way.

Scene 5: Next up is the blonde Roxy who seems to have forgotten to pay her cell phone bill. This means she'll be reminded with a belting. This punishment takes place outside where Roxy is made to raise her dress and bend over a grill table. She is given roughly 14 over the panties and 27 on the bare. Like the other scenes, multiple camera angles to enjoy.

Scene 6: Brooke crashed her car...again. And the man is pissed that she didn't even tell him about it. So, he's going to make sure she remembers to be a better driver. She is made to bare her bottom and is given nearly 50 lashes with the belt.

All in all another fine production from Amatuer Spankings. This company has alwasy impressed me with the girl next door types that are no pro models that will go on camera for a spanking. While not the hardest and most severe out there, this definately satisfies the craving for the viewers looking for realistic scenes.

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