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This video featurese 3 good looking woman that take some severe punishment. The setting is a reform school/prison type environment and has a matron that can deliver quite a punch. The video starts off with the matron making an announcement that she will not tollerate any infraction of the rules. A brunette with long hair is tied down to an "X" shaped padded table. This is a very unique device and leaves nothing to the imagination. The matron uses a thick paddle on this girl's buttocks, as the other girls listen over the speakers. Raven Hill does a nice job in providing many different camera angles, including facial and between the legs shots. The strapping is very hard and the scene ends with the girl on her cot type bunk with the other 2 girls rubbing lotion on her butt. The next scene shows the blonde being spoken to by the matron. She is wearing a sports bra and panties and is made to remove the panties entirely. She is forced to bend over and grab her ankles, while the matron blisters her buttocks with a paddle. Once again, she doesn't hold anything back. The next scene shows the 3 girls asleep in their cots, when the matron comes in and wakes them up for a surprise inspection. The first 2 girls are wearing their bras and panties, but our last girl is naked in bed. This is not acceptable and she is bent over for a whicked bout with the cane. She does have a tattoo in the small of her back as well as one on her ankle. I'm not a big fan of tattoos, but this one isn't too bad, and this girl is pretty cute. Anyway, the caning goes on for a bit and then we cut to the room with the "X" table in it. The last girl is now secured to the table with the other 2 girls huddled in the corner watching. The matron uses the thick strap on her and beats up her butt pretty good. Like the first scene, many different angles are used. Then the blonde goes for her turn on the table, followed by the girl that we saw in the first scene. The "X" table is really unique and the lady who plays the matron was by no stretch gentle on these girls. The video is an hour long.

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