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Be My Playmate

Starring: Nicole
Running Time: 35 Minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

KSHARA Productions is a relatively new company that offers a variety of bondage and discipline movies via download. They do not offer DVDs or VHS tapes, which is a growing trend. It is my believe that one day all companies will at the very least offer downloadable versions of all their productions in addition to the ability to order DVDs. With the growing popularity of DVD burners and with the units becoming more and more affordable, we may one day see the downloadable movie as the primary option of consumers. When one orders from KSHARA, they have several options once they decide which productions they wish to purchase. You first purchase credits, which you can use to purchase additional options. You can purchase a mega combo package, which includes an AVI DivX full version film and photo stills. From there you can order just the full version file, just the stills, or you can purchase parts of the main film. There are two advantages to this option. You can purchase one section of the film for a low amount of credits to act as a preview. Or, if you have a dial up connection, this option may be better for you than trying to download the large 300 MB+ file. The AVI files are very clear and crisp at full screen viewing and flow very smoothly.

Be My Playmate is a production that is mild enough to appease the crowd that doesn't favor heavy bondage, while still keeping it interesting for the crowd that does. I'm not a real bondage fan and I found this title to be enjoyable. The production opens with Nicole cleaning some machinery, dressed in overalls and large hoop earings. The boss meets up with the young maiden of dust prevention where they discuss the possibility of a raise. The boss feels that in order to warrant an increase in her wage, Nicole must provide a special service. He would like for her to "play". Asking what exactly that means, the boss man says he'd like to tie her up and cane her ass. Needless to say, she wasn't overjoyed with this idea to begin with. But, she figures what the hell, I need the money, and agrees to it. He tells her that she needs to strip naked, and she does, although somewhat reluctantly. One naked, the boss rubs her body (just to make sure there are no underlying injuries). He slaps her bottom a few times, which makes her scream (made me jump as well. She's got some pitch). While still chomping on her gum, Nicole watches as her hands are tied with rope and then secured to a large piece of machinery. The amount of rope left between her wrists and the tie down spot is short, thus creating the need for Nicole to stand on her tippy toes. The manager of misery then ties Nicole's ankles together and then secures them to this machine as well. He then takes a cane and slices it through the air several times, making Nicole wonder if this was such a good idea. After each stroke, Nicole is made say the number. This is of course after she stops screaming. It more or less sounds like a sneaker being dragged along a freshly faxed floor. After five or six strokes, I thought my ears were going to bleed. The caning places some dark bruises on Nicole's bottom as well as making her beg for the session to stop. But, alas, it has just begun. Once the last strokes have been applied, he leaves Nicole in her current state of bondage with the cane stuffed in her ass crack.

We are suddenly transported to a later part in the day where we find Nicole tied to the railing of a walkway. I really can't describe the position in which she is in, other than to say she is upright and leaning slightly forward with her wrists tied to the railing and her knees tied together. I was curious to see what he was going to do to her while in this position, although I felt rather stupid once the session began. Duh John, he's going to whip her breasts. Should have been obvious, as what else would he be doing? And so he start whipping her breasts, which immediately leave marks across her chest. More screaming (and a blown speaker on my computer) from Nicole alert the viewer to the pain that she is in from the lashing. The lashing is not limited to her breasts, as he shows equal concentration to her stomach as well. One would think that after all this, a raise would be forthcoming. Well, you thought wrong.

The screen fades in and out to now find young Nicole hanging from the ceiling. That's right, her wrist are tied to ropes that suspend her from the ceiling. Just that alone would have been enough for me to say the fuck with the raise, get me out of here. Just this Nicole is pretty determined and the session continues. I actually felt bad for her when the boss appeared into the picture with a bull whip. If you thought Indiana Jones was handy with a bull whip, you haven't seen this guy at work. He got her just about everywhere. He whipped her chest, back, ass, the whole package. And then he has the nerve to slap her ass a bunch of times after he whips her.

After the next fade in, we find poor Nicole suspended upside down by chains. At least this time her arms can rest on the floor. I have to say this is a rather interesting position. Not one to waste time, the boss starts whipping her again. He even whips her between her legs. If pussy whipping makes you squeamish, then look away my friends because this is not pretty.

Since there is still 13 minutes left, I knew our poor employee was not done yet. The next fade in finds her tied face down on a work bench/table. She is now whipped with a cat o nine tails type device. Her back and ass are whipped mercilessly with a few slaps on the rear for good measure. The marks on her body have grown in size and severity, yet he still isn't done with her.

This next position is without a doubt creative. She has one leg chained up so her toes are the same level as her head. To further complicate matters, it appears as though the boss has disappeared and left Nicole is this precarious position. He finally returns with a crop and a vibrator. Well, care to take a guess what he wants her to do with the vibrator? You guess it, she must pleasure herself while he repeatedly whacks her ass with the crop. This my friends is the culmination of pleasure and pain. One foot tied practically above your head, while masterbaiting with a vibrator and being cropped. So with that, I said, this has to be the end. How does one top that?

Good thing I'm not a betting man, as that last scene was not the end. We now find Nicole tied face down over a stool where she is whipped once again. All I can say is I hope she gets one hell of a raise after all this. After several minutes of whipping, she is finally untied and allowed to dress herself. As I mentioned, I'm not a big fan of bondage, but have to say this was a really enjoyable production. I think it managed to stay in the middle of road for those that don't mind bondage and for those that love it. Nicole is a pretty girl who takes quite a beating, but yet doesn't bleed all over the floor like models in some of the more severe bondage material. I really think KSHARA found a happy medium for those like that severe material, yet not so severe that you want to puke.

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