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Bend Over Brandi

15 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/1/08

Some slightly discomforting roleplay, a mother who does not hesitate to take her daughter down to the bare facts. Brandi is a saucy teenager forced by her mother to concentrate on her homework. As soon as mother leaves, Brandi lights up and pops a beer. She is an athletic-looking brunette, short hair, with a wiggly air, making us ready to see more. She is cute, but not clever, and is of course quickly discovered, when mother returns.

It's to be a spanking, and OTK she goes in a hurry. Loud and hard spanks, panties bunched, then pulled down. "Spread those legs. Spread 'em." The hard spanking continues and the camera finds the crevices and zooms in from overhead. We are only six minutes in and the intensity is palpable. "Naughty girls shouldn't have their panties on." We concur. If you like clean-shaven tweener views, pause here. This is a tough mother--she spanks the thighs to redness also. Enough for today, but "See you tomorrow."

The next day Brandi is laboring away at her homework. Mom returns home, and ouch, she has brought a flexible cane in a bag. Brandi must bend over a chair. Mother carefully pulls up her skirt and slips down her pants. "Lovely cheeks, Brandi." She gets 10 strokes--they are mild and insignificant in retrospect. Brandi counts them for us. There is a lot of positioning and talking. Four extras "for good measure" help make an impression. A nice touch--she must sit back at her desk, but bare-bottom, to finish her homework.

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