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Best of The Cane

Directed by Michael Masterson
Written by: Michael Masterson
Miss J.
Lady D
Starring: Jennifer
Lady D
Miss J.
Michael Masterson
Review by David Pierson

An alternate title for this fantastic production could have been 'Hey girls, look at what I bought at' 'The Best of the Cane' is a very intense experience in corporal punishment erotica. If you have been warned to avoid extreme excitement, have a heart condition, or have taken Vioxx at any time in the past twenty years, it is essential that you avoid this video. Now if you watch this production, turn a shade of cyan blue and die you can not say that you weren't given fair warning.

'The Best Of The Cane' is a treat for all fans of intense CP. This is a well crafted production, weaving together scenes taken from the family of websites. I have heard it said "If you've seen one caning video, you've seen them all." (You may want to discuss this with Gillian Lancer, Shanelle or Pavel Stastny.) Well, this video puts the lie to that statement. Each scene is intense and highly creative. I assure you that there are many surprises awaiting you.

Scene I: Jennifer's Birching or 43 Reason's why I hate
This scene is actually the beginning of a long ordeal for Miss Jennifer. Over the course of this production, Jennifer's naked bottom experienced almost all of the products featured in the Schoolcanes catalogue.

The Dean (as played by Michael Masterson) informed naughty schoolgirl Jennifer that due to her chronic state of disobedience she had a very special punishment coming her way.

She was instructed to lift her uniform skirt, lower her panties and kneel over two chairs placed back to back. Soon, Jennifer was crying out as her exposed bottom was ravaged by the wildfire birch. The Dean administered forty three stokes of this nasty implement. I do believe that intends to use this video as an instructional manual.

Scene II: Trish and Carrie: Caned for Passing Notes
In this nice little schoolgirl caning vignette, sisters Carrie and Trish received twelve stokes of the cane for passing notes while Lady D was less the six feet away. Now one could say that our naughty schoolgirls used poor judgment in behaving in such a poor manner with the Dangerous Lady D in striking distance. You did know that the "D" in Lady D stands for danger, didn't you? Then one remembers that this is a CP video and if Trish and Carrie sat there with their hands folded like good little schoolgirls this production wouldn't have been very entertaining now would it? Needless to say, those of us who find the caning of naughty schoolgirls to be a high form of entertainment will find this segment quite satisfying.

Scene III: 'Jessica and the Brat Tamer'
This may be my favorite scene in this marvelous production. Jessica is spanked on her bare bottom by Michael Masterson with a short cane that is ideal for OTK spanking. This is one of my favorite spanking implements. It hurts like holy hell and, invariably, causes the victim to kick and cry out.

In this scene, Jessica is informed by Mr. Masterson that he has received a call (not sure from whom) and that she was to be spanked for her bad behavior. Jessica was clad in a fashionable dress and high heels which added much to this scene for me. Jessica was made to go over Mr. Masterson's lap, her panties were lowered and Jessica's bottom was stripped with the hand cane affectionately known as "The Brat Tamer". With each stoke of this nasty implement of punishment Jessica kicked and cried out. (see?) I'm not sure what Miss Jessica did or even where she did it, but whatever her offence it must have been significant, because as punishment for her infraction her bottom absorbed eighty strokes from this serious tool of torment.

Scene IV: 'Jennifer's Punishment Continues: The Loop Cane Strikes'
In the second segment of Jennifer's ordeal, the Dean punishes Jennifer with the rug beater or loop cane. I assure you that after this part of Jennifer's punishment was at an end there was not one spec of dust left on her bottom.

Not satisfied with Jennifer's response to her punishment with the "Wildfire Birch" the Dean gives the intransigent Jennifer thirty hard swats with the rug beater. Each stoke of this nasty implement brought out a cry from the usually stoic Jennifer. After thirty strokes with the vile implement Jennifer's bottom was left red and welted.

Scene V: Donna, Lady D and the Cane
Is there a lovelier young woman in all of CP video erotica than Donna? I'd be hard pressed to name one. In this scene, the beautiful Donna was given twelve stokes of the cane for taking an "attitude" towards Lady D. After taking twelve hard stokes of the cane upon her shapely bottom at the hands of Lady D, Donna was left a tearful and forlorn young lady.

Scene VI: Jennifer: The Ordeal Continues
In the concluding segment of Jennifer ordeal, the Dean finishes Jennifer's punishment with a severe caning. (Not to worry...she's walking again) Not only was the caning severe, it was delivered rapidly. Bent over the chairs Jennifer cried out and writhed in pain as sixty stokes fell upon her already sore bottom in rapid succession. As I said, this not a production for those of a weak constitution.

Scene VII: Kathy's Caning
In this segment, the lovely Kathy is punished for missing class. I believe that she overslept. As punishment, Lady D administered six hard stokes to the seat of Kathy's panties and, then six more to her bare bottom. In a nice touch, Lady D made Kathy spend corner time with her bottom on display, noting that a class was due in that room at any minute.

Scene VIII: Jessica's Severe Caning
For reasons that are somewhat unclear, a naked Jessica is bent over a desk by Miss J. and is given twelve hard stokes of the cane. As each stoke of the cane found its mark, the terminally cute Jessica cried out in pain.

Scene IX: Jennifer's Hard Caning
I do not believe that you will ever see a video entitled 'Jennifer's Sensual Spanking Delights'. This scene is unrelated to Jennifer's previous trilogy of pain. In this scene, Jennifer is given twelve hard strokes of the cane on her bare bottom at the hands of that nasty Dean. I'm beginning to think that he likes this.

Scene X: Clare and Jasmine: Caned for being late or Late For A Caning
Well it seems that our girls from arrived late for their scheduled shoot. As punishment, Mr. Masterson, addressed the issue of employee tardiness with his the girls. Clare and Jasmine were given a dose of the cane. Each girl received six strokes over her panties and six upon her naked bottom. By the way, this is covered in Employee handbook. One should always read those things.

Scene XI: Heather: The Loop Cane Strikes Again
In this scene, Miss J, in the role of the weekend supervisor, punishes Heather, for some unidentified infraction, by applying the loop cane to the naughty girl's bare bottom.

Scene XII: Holly's Perversity
In this segment Holly discusses her sexual response to a hard caning. To enhance Holly's pleasure a monitor is placed on the floor so that Holly can view her own bottom being caned. Holly received twenty-four stokes of the cane and deeply enjoyed each one. Holly is a very kinky girl.

Scene XIII: Jessica in Bondage
This is a very intense scene of bondage and corporal punishment. Fastened to the punishment bench, Jennifer is given fifteen hard stokes of the cane.

'The Best Of The Cane' is a pleasure that all fans of intense CP must experience. This is a well-made production that features some of the most creative uses of the cane as an implement of chastisement ever filmed. So many lovely young girls suffer for your pleasure. To experience this masterpiece of CP erotica, you needn't suffer at all, just purchase the video.

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