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M/F F/F reviewed by the webmaster

As mentioned in the previous review, Ginger returns to Amateur Spankings for a series of spankings in the tape, titled the Best of Ginger. In 2 of the 3 scenes, our young blonde allows us to see her face, where in her first tape she remained anonymous. The first scene is in a school office setting. She is wearing black slacks, a blouse, and a thong under the pants. She is sitting in a chair while the regular Amateur Spankings spanker is chatting with her about her unacceptable school behavior. She is faced with either suspension or a paddling. She chooses the paddling and is stood up and given 10 swats on the pants. After the paddling is over, the guy leaves the room and she pulls down her pants and rubs her naked butt. The next scene involves Ginger being sent home from school because she was being disruptive. Dad, our regular guy, was forced to leave work because of this and isn't happy about it. She is wearing a printed black skirt and black top with white panties. She is made to pull out the ottoman and lay accross the ottoman and chair. He has her pull up her skirt and pull down her panties and gives her a brief hand spanking. This doesn't work for him, so he has her move to the bed and lay accross it. He continues with a fairly length hand spanking. The scene wraps up with us going back to the chair and her leaning over it for 10 with the belt. She is made to count out each swat. I thought this was a pretty good scene, he gave her some pretty hard smacks. The last scene brings back the woman from secretly spanked. She is now the spanker instead of the spankee. She is playing Ginger's mother and is sitting on the couch. Ginger comes in and mom confrunts her over Ginger's cheating in school. She explained to her that she was warned about this and would now be punished. After some discussion, she is made to go into her room and then on the way back pick up the hairbrush. Ginger is wearing beige pants, which are pulled down by mom. She goes over the knee for a warm up hand spanking over her grey panties. The panties come down and mom continues for a pretty good bare butt hand spanking. Mom then pulls out the big hairbrush and gives her 5 swats, plus one more for the heck of it. Ginger is made to count out each swat. She then pulls up her pants, goes to her room and lays on her bed, where she pulls her pants and underwear back down and rubbs her butt. The "mom" appears to have some power in her slaps and reddens up Ginger's butt quite nicely. This video is around 35 minutes.

Best of Ginger Vid Cap 1
Best of Ginger Vid Cap 2
Best of Ginger Vid Cap 3
Best of Ginger Vid Cap 4
Best of Ginger Vid Cap 5

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