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reviewed by John O'Connell - 7/17/06

Amateur Spankings has just released 3 compilations featuring some of their most popular models. This DVD/Video features a lovely brunette named Heather. Many of the scenes featured on this DVD has previously only been available via streaming download, so the viewer will be treated to a higher resolution and smoother video experience than before.

The first scene features what I'd guess is Heather's first meeting with the folks at Amateur Spankings. Her hair of a shorter cut than the later scenes. She informs the viewer that she is in need of punishment and our main man is here to provide that for her. She is ordered to lower her jeans, exposing her pink panties. She places her hands against a cabinet and is given several swats with a wooden paddle. Each swat provokes a fairly loud response. Heather is then ordered to lower her panties where one can see her bottom is already starting to turn different colors. Our man wastes no time getting back to business and resumes the paddling on her bare bottom. The camera angle switches for a few swats to allow the viewer to see her reaction to the impact of the paddle. Once completed, she is allowed to rub her bottom before pulling up her panties and jeans.

Scene 2 has Heather with longer hair and a very nice pink dress. Evidently Ms. Heather parked the car irresponsibly and it was towed. Heather is confronted outside where she tries to talk her way out of the situation, but to no avail. She is then made to raise her dress and lean against the house, where she is given 10 hard swats of the paddle on her white underwear. There is plenty of wriggling about during the paddling with Heather having to bare her cheeks to make sure a proper job was done. Although a quick scene, the feeling that you are "peeking through the fence" so to speak certainly has its appeal.

Scene 3 is back indoors and has heather wearing a white sweater and black printed skirt. She is immediately pulled over the lap of our spanker and given several hard smacks. Before long, she is ordered to stand with her hands on a desk. Heather's skirt is raised revealing her white panties and the hand spanking continues. A few facial shots are intermingled with the rear angle before the scene comes to a close.

Scene 4 has heather wearing jeans once again. She is made to lower them down to her ankles and then bend all the way over. She is given a number of swats with ping pong paddle over her panties by a different guy that usual. But, fear not, our main man is not far away and takes over when he feels that Heather is getting off with a light punishment. The punishment concludes with the final 5 swats being much harder than the first ones.

Scene 5 seems to pick up where Scene 4 left off since Heather is wearing the same clothes. She is made to lower her jeans all the way down, followed by her panties. Once exposed to the world, she is made to turn around and place her hands on the desk. Our guy takes his belt and proceeds to give her a number of hard strokes to her bare bottom, with each slice causing her to yell out in protest. Once the punishment is over, she is allowed to pull up her panties and jeans and rub her bottom.

Scene 6 finds heather in bed wearing her see through pajamas. She is made to sit up on her knees with her hands on the headboard where she is given several whacks from a hair brush for not going to sleep on time. After he leaves, Heather tries to fall asleep, but is not able to, so she decides to call a friend. Not surprisingly, the man in charge returns to find her chatting on the phone and decides that harsher punishment is needed. She is made to bare her bottom and bend over the bed. The hair brush returns, where he lectures her on his displeasure in her lack of discipline as he strikes her bottom with the brush.

Scene 7 has Heather sitting on the couch wearing a skirt and pink top. She is ordered to bend over the bend with her skirt up and panties down. The master of discipline comes into the picture where he hand spanks Heather's bare bottom. We are treated to several different camera angles, including facial reactions, before the scene comes to a close.

The 8th and final scene brings us back outside where Heather and her friend Haley are watering the grass. Girls will be girls and they start playing around with the hose instead of doing their chore. Well, Mr. Spoil-A-Party comes along and is none to happy. He orders them to put the hose down and come before him. Both girls are made to place their hands upon a wall and raise their skirts. They are each given several swats from a leather strap over their panties before being made to lower their underwear to show that a proper job was done.

I really liked this DVD. While the scenes were not very long, I appreciate the nature of the models. The spankings are not as intense as many of the companies out there, but the fact Heather is not a spanking model and is just the "girl next door" is big draw for me. I like the feel to the way the scenes are drawn up and enjoy the genuine reactions. Even though the company name may denote the amateur models used, this company is professional all the way. Great job guys on this wonderful collection.

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