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Best of Jasmine

Directed by: Michael Masterson
Written by: Lady D
Miss J
Michael Masterson
Staring: Jasmine
Mr. M.
Lady D
Miss J
Review by Katrina
Running Time: approximately 67 minutes

This video is a compilation of scenes from the Real Spanking web site, shown in full living color on your big screen television. The scenes that are chosen from their videos reflect a common model, a relative newcomer, Jasmine.

Jasmine stared in a feature film from Real Spankings, "Maid For Punishment" before she left to study in Europe. Some of the scenes are before she left. Some are after. It is obvious which ones are from which period since she returned with a rather pronounced tattoo on her right shoulder.

Well, that is enough of the tidbits. Now, on to the film....

Real Punishments - Jasmine

The first scene features an interview between Jasmine and Mr. M upon her return from Europe. It seems that she failed to show up for a couple of "shoots" before she left for her studies abroad. She was paid for all three visits and showed up for only the first. Mr. M plans to take the other two visits out on her naked posterior. This is a "for real" type of spanking, one that is a true punishment spanking. In addition, she can not seem to follow directions as she strips nude for the scene. He wanted only the bare bottom. That's ok. He will just add to the punishment.

The nude Jasmine positions herself over Mr. M's knee when he tells her "You remember the process..." He starts to spank her bottom. This is the first spanking after she returned from months away and it is obvious that her bottom has not been spanked recently. She has a hard time with the spanking during even the warm-up stage. However, he does an excellent job. Her bottom turns red very quickly; and this is still just warming it up.

By the time that the pace picks up a bit, she can only wince and gasp for air as if she had run a marathon race. This was not going to be a good spanking for her. For us, well, this is going to be a great spanking! Her bottom cheeks quiver. Her hips wiggle. And still, Mr. M continues to spank that naughty bottom. Her upper thighs also show a nice deep red color.

It is a very good spanking for the first time back in months. She will be feeling this one for a few days.

When it is finished, she is in tears and apologies. She also then shows off her badly bruised bottom; one that will be still red for a few hours to come. The only problem is that she is still grinning. Mr. M wondered if he had gotten his point across. Obviously, her bottom is sore. However, Jasmine could have taken much more and got off lightly. Perhaps they felt sorry for her. I hope not.

Jasmine Strapped to Tears

Jasmine, dressed in the RSI school uniform, knocks and enters the "Dorm Mom's" office. Jennifer had relayed a message to see Lady D (the "dorm mom"). Jennifer was not wearing panties or brazier under the uniform and was spanked. Her excuse was that she did not have a clean pair. It is Jasmine's turn to do the laundry. Since Jennifer was spanked, and Jasmine "dropped the ball", it is time for Jasmine to be spanked as well.

Lady D puts Jasmine over the desk and pulls a thick black leather strap from her drawer. (This lady must have a collection of items in that drawer. I kept pencils in mine. She keeps straps in hers!) She notices Jasmine's dark red nail polish and tells her to remove it. Jasmine gives her a sassy remark which earns her a hard swat on her bottom with that strap and some harsh words from Lady D.

A few swats of the strap while Lady D is telling her that it is not a good idea to make her angry while Lady D is strapping her; Lady D raises her skirt over the small of her back. Still a few more times that awful black strap is brought down on her white panties. Jasmine is starting to cry at this point when Lady D peels down the white panties. This lady means business.

In no time, it is impossible to tell that her bottom has been strapped. There are no separate marks for the strap, unless you look at the sides of her cheeks. Her bottom is just a big flaming red area. Jasmine is now fully crying at this point but still manages to keep her death grip on the desk edge.

By the end of the spanking, Jasmine's mascara is running down her cheeks and Lady D tells her what will happen next.

Jasmine's Hard, Fast Belting

The next scene is from the faces series. It involves Mr. M, Jasmine bent over an ottoman, and Mr. M's black leather belt being applied to her jean covered bottom. Jasmine has a very natural manner in which she manages to arch her back to present her bottom. It is very pronounced when she drops her waist and raises her hips. Still, that does not seem to help. Mr. M's belt will find her bottom without the aid of an upturned bottom. It does.

This scene is fast and furious. She is belted very quickly as if he was an angry parent spanking a child with a belt. In the end, jeans still on, she manages to sit on the ottoman and ponder her plight.

This scene is special. It is not a normal scene by Real Spankings. It was desired to reflect the possible actions of an angry parent spanking a child. As such, it has some overtones that may be objectionable. However, is still a fantasy scene and should not be viewed as a real event.

Jasmine does not cry in this scene as is her normal condition for this time.

Jasmine is Punished to Tears by the Dean

A knock on the Dean's door shows Lady D and Jasmine. Jasmine is late for Lady D's class. This is the second time in a week that she is late and Lady D wishes to leave Jasmine with the dean.

Jasmine ends up in the "lunge" position on the floor. The marks from a previous spanking are very evident when her girdles her panties. The dean plans to spank her by his hand for being late, and again with a strap for being late twice in a week.

He uses his hand to redden her bottom. It is almost magical. The marks from the previous spanking seem to outline the red area on her bottom when he is finished. It is as if the dark marks surrounding her bottom were the frame to the red canvas of her cheeks. When is his finished, Jasmine is in tears.

The dean selects the broad tan leather strap and has Jasmine count the twenty strokes. She first claims that she is not ready. He gives her just a moment and then starts to apply the strap to her upturned bottom. During the strapping, he notices that she is also wearing non-regulation underwear under the cotton panties. At the end, he has her remove the non-regulation panties. Apparently, there was no additional punishment for those. Perhaps he is saving it for the next time. Knowing Jasmine, it won't be long before that.

Cheerleader Punishments - Jasmine's Strapping

The dorm mom, Lady D, shows Jasmine into her office. We don't know why Jasmine is there. All that we know is that she is to be spanked. She is dressed as a school cheerleader. Jasmine waits while Lady D leaves the strap on her desk. (Not everything is in her drawers. She keeps some items on the desk too.)

When she returns, she tells Jasmine "You know what to do. Bend over this desk." When Lady D lifts her skits you can see the red panties of the uniform, and strangely, the same dark brown bruises from the earlier scene. Lady D was not going to waste time strapping her over her skirt, as if that would help.

When Lady D bounces the strap off her bottom and asks if she is ready, Jasmine replies with the same answer that she gave the dean, "No." Lady D wonders what she means and tells her that she is getting this spanking.

She starts to strap her panties with that wide tan strap. Soon, her bottom area's color is starting to match the color of her full cut panties; a nice dark shade of red. When Jasmine starts to cry, Lady D tells her that is what she wanted, to make a pretty girl cry today.

The tears roll down Jasmine's cheeks as Lady D lays into Jasmine's bottom with a will. When Lady D checks her bottom cheeks, the spanking is over almost as quickly as it began.

Jasmine's Faces scene

The next scene finds Jasmine waiting in a chair. Her top and bra are removed, and she is still wearing her jeans. While she is waiting, she is playing with a black leather strap. She is playfully slapping her thighs with it; knowing full well that it will be put to other uses before the hour is out.

When Mr. M returns, Jasmine gives him the strap and assumes the position, kneeling on the same chair. The camera behind the chair focuses on her face and nude top.

When Mr. M lays the first strap down on her bottom, (the white worm pattern on her jeans makes a perfect target), she remarks with "ummmm...." as if it felt good. The second and third swats show that she is trying to control the pain through her breathing. She is remarkably quiet for this scene, but her toes give away the fact that the strap is registering on her brain.

A short time later, she is instructed to "drop her pants". Off go the jeans. She is wearing the cutest red and black trimmed sheer panties, that she still manages to retain as she climbs back on the chair. Now, Mr. M continues to apply the strap. The skin of her bottom cheeks echo with the force of the strap. Still, she does not make a sound until almost at once she breaks down and starts to cry.

It is a shame. Now, Mr. M peels down her panties to show her nice red bottom with some very distinct black marks on the right cheek. When the strapping continues, you can see the face of a very sorry girl in pain. The marks on her bottom are not as pronounced as when the same implement was used on other ladies for Real Spankings. Perhaps it is the nature of Jasmine. She can obviously take a rather severe spanking. That does not mean that she does not cry. She is crying by this time.

She must count out the last six strokes, in amongst the tears. Since she did not give the proper answer for the first one, it is repeated. When it is finally over, the tears that were swelling in her eyes finally cause the mascara to run down her cheeks.

Jasmine's Room Inspection

The "Dorm Mom" enters Jasmine's room to find her in bed. She has come for a room inspection. The room is a mess. She pulls the covers off Jasmine to get her out of bed. We find that Jasmine has been sleeping naked in the bed.

For sleeping naked, she is made to squat with her back against the wall. Held up by her legs, this is a very uncomfortable position. Soon the leg muscles will tire and start to cramp.

When the dorm mom returns, Jasmine is put up on the bed on all fours, and then the dorm mom starts to spank Jasmine's upturned bottom with her hand. Jasmine has trouble taking the spanking. She breathes heavily. Her bottom gets redder. She complains with "ow" constantly. Her bottom gets redder. She begins to kick with her legs. The bottom gets redder. This spanking is not going to end shortly.

When Lady D is finished, finally, the scene ends with Jasmine kneeling on the night table, hands behind her head, feet off the table, and showing her freshly spanked red bottom to the room.

Two Girls Punished

Lady D is again playing the school administrator. Jennifer and Jasmine have been caught smoking cigarettes on school grounds. "Both of you stand up.... Let's take care of this right now.... Get those pants down." Those are ominous words. They are the prelude to another spanking. Two girls are going to be spanked. They know it. Lady D knows it. We know it.

Jennifer is wearing full cut panties. Jasmine is wearing thongs. Lady D girdles Jennifer's panties "to make them even." We are treated to the sight of four bottom cheeks on display, side by side. Their owners are bent over Lady D's desk. Lady D asks if they are ready. They both answer "Yes ma'am." Lady D starts to spank Jasmine with her hand. Jasmine's cheeks quiver and shake. You can see the effects transmitted down her legs as they too shake under Lady D's tutelage. Back and forth, up and down go her hand. Jennifer can only wait with dread. Her turn is next.

Then without skipping a beat, Lady D switches from Jasmine to Jennifer. Jennifer immediately straightens up in response to the registrations of pain coming from her bottom. The process continues until both ladies have a warmed bottom. This is only the warm-up. As Lady D goes from one side to another she changes hands. One side she uses her right hand. The other side of the ladies, she uses her left. Both are "deadly" weapons that rain pain and destruction on the girl's bottoms.

Eventually, she stands back to examine the effects of her labors. The four cheeks that were once a nice pale color are now quite red.

Jasmine's Private Session With Miss J

This time it is Miss J who does the honors for Jasmine. Miss J has decided that "Jasmine is all mine today" and tells her to strip naked. When she is positioned on all fours on an ottoman, she grabs a thin leather strap and tells her "are you ready? I hope so. I am ready."

The strap seems to find its target with ease. Jasmine can only say "ow" as a result before the next one lands. She is given a few lashes of this strap before Miss J selects an even thinner strap. "This little guy can sting" she warns Jasmine. It is too late. The first time Jasmine knows the effects of "the little guy".

Soon, Jasmine's bottom is well striped with nice red lines from the straps. Just then, Miss J picks up a leather boudoir paddle. This heavy paddle is brought down on her cheeks, first the right then the left then the right then the left. Over again, the paddle comes down as Jasmine is no longer softly crying. She is screaming now.

Finally, the next weapon of choice is a leather tawse. Jasmine receives about seven strokes of this implement. When finished, Jasmine is still not crying. Miss J tells her that she knows what the trick might be and to remain where she is. She leaves the room to retrieve her "favorite" loop cane. It is her "three time cane". It never takes more than three smacks to bring tears. Never.

The loop cane is a very formidable implement. It has been know to bring tears to even the most stoic of models. Before the cane is used, Jasmine is pleading "No." On the first stroke, she is in tears. She is still given two more strokes of the cane.

The film ends with this scene.

Now, we all have our favorites for the models at Real Spankings. This is certainly a collection of great scenes involving Jasmine. Jasmine has become one of the favorites for Real Spankings.

Technically, the video is excellent. The collection is excellent. It is worthy of an honored place next to the "Best of Brandi" or the "Best of Jennifer" or any of the other collection based videos that Real Spankings offers.

If you love Jasmine, you will love this video. If you dislike the model Jasmine (and I do not know of anyone who enjoys seeing a nice bare tushy being spanked and strapped would dislike her), then you will dislike this video.

As for this reviewer, I love Jasmine. I love this video. I just wish that they had put my favorite scene on this video. Oh well, perhaps there will be a "Best of Jasmine II" video that will include it. I can hardly wait.

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