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Best of Real Punishment Series 4

Starring: Katie
Mandy Fisher
Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes
Reviewed by: Kat

This is the fourth volume of Dallas' series "Real Punishment". It is not a big production number. It is a spanking video. The series is basically some ladies get five one-minute hard spankings with a break between each minute. That is the basic premise of the video. Katie, Mandy, Sasha, and Kylie all get the similar Dallas bottom blistering treatment.


Katie, a gorgeous chestnut brunette, was at the front desk of the hotel in which Dallas wanted a room. She kept him waiting twelve minutes while she was talking on the telephone, putting him in a smoking room, and had his luggage delivered to the wrong room. Granted, it was a personal call. It is stretching things a bit to spank the lady for that. Still, I suppose that any excuse is just as good as another. The scene opens when Katie has been sent up to Dallas' room the following day by her boss apologize to Dallas for the delay. The only apology that Dallas will accept must have the proper level of tears associated with it. Eventually, Katie agrees to the spanking to save her job and is placed up against the wall. As she raises her dress, what do we find? She is wearing no underwear over that perfectly toned bottom. Don't tell me that she did not expect to be spanked as she protested earlier.

As she stretches over Dallas's knee she is reminded to keep her nice stunning long legs down. Dallas then starts in on her bottom with his heavy hand. The problem is that Dallas is just too accurate. Very soon her virgin bottom has red imprint mark of his hand. He hits exactly, precisely, the same spot over and over and over again at a rate that would have any lady climbing out of her skin half as fast. She sticks with it. She grimaces. She clamps her eyes shut. Her mouth opens wide to suck in air. She grunts and groans. Still, she does not cry. This must hurt as she only grips and pulls on the padded chest under her arms. And this is only the first minute. The second minute is more of the same; the only difference is that she starts out with a red bottom. The color gets deeper as she starts to pray for it to end. By the end of the second minute, she wipes away a tear from the corner of her eye. By the third minute of the same action, her face is now moist. Still, Dallas has hit only a band, from the nice fully rounded, most fleshy part of her bottom to the lower region. By the end of the fourth minute, she now has some major burses to match the flaming red color. At the start of the fifth minute, the tears begin to really flow. Her legs can not stay down. This lady has had about as much as she can take. Still, it is only the start of the minute. By the end of the fifth minute, she has totally broken down.


Mandy is the quintessential girl-next-door, fingering her hair while waiting for her punishment. She lifted her boyfriend, Doug's, paycheck and went to Las Vegas to gamble in the hopes of winning enough to purchase an automobile. She lost the entire stake. Now, she is sent to Dallas for her reward.

Unlike Katie, Dallas starts out easy on this girl. This girl has never been spanked in her life. This is the first time. So, while he hits as hard, he does not hit as quickly. Mandy's reactions are almost the same; she grimaces, winces, and tells the entire world that she is not enjoying the situation that is now beginning to develop on her bottom; a nice pink color. This lady remains silent, other than a few soft cries, throughout her entire five minute ordeal. The tears flow almost from the first minute. However, you can tell only by looking at her face as she is not vocal about it. Still, her chin quivers. Her eyes cinch shut. She does indeed cry. While Dallas spanks, his palm print, including thumb, is on her bottom cheeks; etched in a nice maroon color. The only sound is the slapping of skin upon skin. She is totally quiet. At the start of the fourth minute, she is gripping the sides of the sofa with both hands as tightly as she could. By the fifth minute, her bottom was just two red orbs. And, by now, no longer was Dallas holding back. He was giving her a well deserved, very hard, spanking. It is one that she will remember for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, I don't think that she will be back for a return engagement. She remained totally silent through the entire spanking, only the sound of silent tears could be heard from her amidst the loud slapping of her bottom. After a little corner time, she is sent back to Doug with a slap on the fanny.


Sasha has traveled all the way from Russia because her husband feels that she needs the special attention of Dallas from his web site. Sasha speaks good English. Unlike the others, she is told to remove her dress and panties in the corner. (Later, the bra comes off too.) She is treated to the same position as Mandy, with over Dallas' lap while lying on the sofa. Her husband is to be the time keeper for his wife who has very white, pale skin.

Sasha is the mover and squirmier type. She manages to move that bottom all over the place in an effort to find the impossible condition, a comfortable place. This is even before her lily-white bottom has started to change color. She is also vocal, with suitable punctuated "Oww"s. During the second minute, Dallas tells her that she would get eight, not five, minutes if she tries to wiggle off his lap again. By the end of the second minute, she has some dark bruises to match the red bottom. And, with all of that movement, Dallas was not so accurate. Her entire bottom area is now red. From the top of the crack down to the legs, it is all red. Her third minute starts with the repeat of the warning. Still, by the time that her bottom beings to emphatically complain, she can't help herself. She tries to straighten her legs, flex them, and raise her chest up with her arms, all in a vain attempt to block the pain. Failing that, she starts to cry out loud. By the time that the fourth minute starts, you can tell. Her lily-white bottom is no longer. It has been replaced by a rather large red region with dark sore areas. Flying back home is not going to be pleasant for this lady. Minute four is just a shot of Sasha's bottom being pelted by Dallas' hand. In the background you can hear her cries of pain which turn into rather loud screams of pain. The fifth minute is on of slow but very hard strokes. That takes Sasha over the edge. She can no longer hold it and breaks down. By the time that it is over, she has a souvenir to take back to Russia; a Dallas Spanks Hard flaming red and bruised bottom.


Kylie is dragged into Dallas' room by her ear. She meant to "key" her boyfriend's truck and mistakenly did it to Dallas'. She is given a choice. Either he calls the police or she takes a spanking. She did not choose the police. She is then instructed to strip; to strip naked.

As first minute spanking starts and long before the first twinge of color blooms, she is crying "Oww". She begins to rock forward and back. At the end of the first minute, her bottom reached the slightly pink stage. Minute two is basically a repeat of the first minute and adds a darker hue to her color on a place where the sun has barely shown. It is now red but unbruised. Minute three places her over his knee as he changes to the bedroom and she is stretched over the bed. It is now that the tears start to flow. She promises to be good. He spanks more. She repeats the promise tearfully. He finally stops at the end of the minute. She now has bruises to go with the red bottom. Dallas decides to go light on her and stop at four minutes. She has one minute left to go. There is one more spanking to go. The last minute is Dallas, standing, spanking her bottom while she lies over the edge of the bed. All that she can do is bawl at this point. The tears all come out.

The video concludes with Dallas' immortal comment "Now, that's a spanking." as we see Kylie's bottom, red, bruised, and soundly spanked. It is red from the top to the bottom and around the sides, along with traces of blue bruises in a spider web on her cheeks.

If you wish to see a spanking over jeans then this is not the video for you. If you wish to see a hand spanking of lovely ladies, two being stark naked, being soundly spanked on their naked bottoms then this video is for you. The reactions of the ladies to the sting of Dallas' hand are something that can not be faked. The emotions expressed are truly those of recipients. Dallas changed the name of his company a while back to Dallas Spanks Hard. He does live up to the name.

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