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Beyond Control

20 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/1/08

A stepfather,the youngish bearded CalStar actor, confronts his stepdaughter, a promisingly nubile blonde with an American accent. She is lazy around the house and has been filching his beer and cigarettes. She is also nervous--knowing what might be coming. She pees in her jeans, right in front of us. Stepfather is angry, pulls her wet jeans down, and starts handspanking her on little flowered (wet) panties. We've seen him in action before--he is not very good at it.

She has hard muscular legs and could be fun if she struggled. He threatens her with a belt. "We're going to have a whole session here tonight." Soon her pants and shoes are off, then the wet panties down. Her nifty bottom matches her dancer's legs. Positions vary; the handspanking continues; she twirls naked--nice tawny fuzz.

She is made to lie on the floor, pillows under her bare bottom, but the belt never comes, and the bearded guy nver quite gets her attention with his hand. She is cute and quite exposed over the pillows. At least we enjoyed that.

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