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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site owner is looking for a buyer and no new content is being added. However, the previously loaded videos are still available in the members area, which costs $14.99 for 30 days access.

Review by John O'Connell posted 1/16/09

As the name might imply, this doesn't isn't for those looking to see little petit bums. If you like big butts (and can not lie) then you've come to the right place. Just for those that are not hip, this doesn't mean the girls are fat. It just means they have plump bottoms. With that, this site will also appeal to those looking for more black girls on the receiving end of spankings. There also seems to be a nice variety of models as well, with a white girl or two thrown in as well.

Navigation is pretty simple and straight foreward. When you enter the members area, all of the content is listed right away. Each video has a short description with several small photos as a sort of preview. From there you can click on the link to either the photo gallery or video clip. Clicking on the photo gallery link will bring you to that selection's photo page. Each selection has about 25 photos in a table format. The thumbnail sized photos do not expand into larger photos. What you see is what you get. Kind of disappointing in this day and age that there wouldn't be high resolution photos in the gallery. The video is a one file download accessed from the link on the main member page. I'm not possitive how often they update, but you don't have to poke your eye out with one part to a twelve part segment being uploaded every few days. When an update goes online, the whole scene is there. Each clip is in mp4 format and the file size tends to end up around 250-300 megs per clip. Clip length tends to run in the neighborhood of 15-20 minutes each. And believe it or not, most of that time is actual spanking action. Not 10 minutes of filler and 5 minutes of spanking. The video quality is about average for this size and length clip and it flows well. At the time of this writing there are 11 different scenes.

The cost of membership is just under 20 U.S. dollars. Again, I'm not positive on how often the site is updated, but for an initial membership it's not a bad price for the 11 videos that run roughly 20 minutes each. The preview area shows you pictures from each of the scenes that are online, so you can get an idea of whether or not this site is for you or not.

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