Big Girls Do Cry

Time: 1 Hr.

CalStar distributes this old British Blushes film, and previews "Half-Term Punishments," "Sally's First Lesson, " and "What Bottoms Are For." The latter title sums up all the plots.

I've described the general scene in my review of "Half Term.."---uncle-type spankers coveting and musing over sweet young ladies in RGE-like residential settings; mild, very sexy spankings to accompany the age-play; slow, reluctant, seductive surrender and undressing humiliations. A British reviewer is more precise on a great website.

Old Uncle Albert spanks cute blonde niece Annabelle and has invited a friend to watch. In several scenes, she is spanked and birched, mostly bare-bottom, with some scrumptuous kicking and evasive struggling. The gentlemen closely observe and comment on her reddening cheeks as if they were reviewing Spring growth. Lots of nice, slow caressing of cute buttocks and prolonged closeups of frontal fuzz. You're here for the sultry atmosphere though, not for the silly squalling or the ineffectual punishment.

Uncle Albert's friend/observer, in the second section of the tape, now having been educated, manages to get his nifty step-niece Susan upstairs and soon completely naked for punishment over a series of trumped-up complaints. In delicious semi-lit gauzy scenes, she is centered on the bed, pillows bunched to elevate and arch her lovely bottom, for a hand-spanking. Her keeps her legs open with some thigh tweaking, but we can't see. She is mantelpieced; she then kneels on a table for a caning, but it's just tap-tap-tap by current cinematic standards. At least we have her beautiful bottom held full-frame.

In the surprising coda, we see Susan, nude on the very same bed, kneeling up and straddling her "uncle," hanging resolutely onto the brass bed spokes, breathing hard, and slowly and gingerly riding up and down on something.

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