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Birchington Manor: Episode Three

54 Minutes
Review by MARS posted on 3/18/11

Continued escapades in the Birchngton Manor series--a cast of experienced CP actresses at a tastefully furnished fully functional country manor, where the men and even the ladies of the estate grab any opportunity to spank any bottom within reach.

Actresses Rebekah Jordan and Elizabeth Simpson, playing trespassers who are invited to stay on if they play house rules, sneak around the house then take a bath, providing voyeuristic nudie scenes. Stablemaster/handyman Stanley spies them in the tub and also peeks in on actresses Suzi Martell and Leslie Sey during some lesbian B&D play, which bears no relation to the plot but puts more skin on the screen.

After some full looks at the soapy girls in the tub, we cut to Manor Lord Mr. Edwards interrupting Suzi and Lesley at play; he decides to whack at both girls in the Victorian bedroom. Stanley bursts into the girls' bath and spanks both wet tushes for their spying and snooping. A cute scene in the tub. Afterwards, the girls towel off with towels too small to cover them. Stanley creams both bottoms in a scene mostly pin-up in nature.

Suzi, who is the lady of the manor, seizes the girls, rips away the skimpy towels, and spanks them both naked for their snooping--sweet pink bodies in a sunlit bedroom scene. She reverts to a split-end cane, which makes a great noise, in a long scene of stroke sets and rubbing.

After "bathtime" comes "bedtime." Suzi wakes the two girls, sleeping naked, and canes both Rebekah and Elizabeth. Rebekah does bend-overs world class. Suzi leaves with a satisfied grin and the girls console each other's stripes.

In a teaser for part 4, Rebekah and Elizabeth are caught trying to leave the farm; apparently there is money missing. The girls admit the theft, and of course Edwards immediately suggests the girls stay and "work off" the theft. We know what that will mean at the Manor.

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