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Birchington Manor: Episode Four

44 Minutes
Review by MARS posted on 4/1/11

The concluding episode at tony Birchington Manor, where every female has a slightly tender bottom from having been spanked recently. Actresses Rebekah Jordan and Elizabeth Simpson play two trespassers, caught and kept at the farm, and spanked by the male overseers for various reasons. They attempt to flee with some cash.

Stablemaster Arthur and the manor lord Mr. Edwards catch them. It will be either the police or "work the day off...and I'll deal with you later." (At Birchington Manor, "later" means CP.) Later in the day, Edwards meets the girls in an antiqued sitting room, where the spankings begin. Both girls are spanked then caned (12 strokes) in front of a fireplace, moderate but entertaining, given how attractive the girls are without pants. A well-placed mirror catches facials.

The girls are left to kneel erect, bare-bottom, for 15 minutes. Lovely to see them together.

Edwards blames his wife, played by Suzi Martell, for the girls' foolishness. She is made to apologize to Arthur, who has extraordinary privilege on this farm. He will do the honors. Suzi will get a "good spanking," "jodhpurs down." She doesn't wear panties. He spanks away--she likes it. "You deserved that and you deserve what you are going to get now."

Suzi takes her top off, down to bra only, and shows off what she is famous for. Over a hassock--4 strokes of the cane, tangled jodhpurs pulled off her ankles, 8 more strokes, she is jimping around. And a position only for those who are into this sort of thing--legs straight and as wide as possible, bent over, head touches the floor and rests on a pillow. 10 strokes.

This bizarre (although revealing) posture must have been uncomfortable because Suzi now rests her head higher, on the hassock, for another half-dozen.

The opportunistic Arthur, who has picked off a succession of girls in these episodes, fingers Suzi's marks then creams her slowly while they chuckle. She leaves naked, but for the bra and we see the lights go out on the farm. Whose bed was she headed for?

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