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Review Posted on 12/6/04 by John O'Connell

BiSpanking is a new site that is being brought to the spanking populous by the folks at Real Now, while I expected the material to be good, I also expected the site to be similar to its other sites. Well, I was half right. There are a lot of cool features that are here. The site amazed me right off the bad with the amount of content already online. I honestly didn't expect to keep hitting the "previous page" button so many times while looking through the recently added material. The site primarily focuses on two girls at this time, Jasmine and Claire. Both girls are hot looking in their own right. But, I was also pleased to see a few other models. One that made a guest appearance from, Kailee, and new comer Chloe whom is featured in multiple clips. While the site graphics might grab your attention in the beginning, we know that you want to find the stuff that interests you easily. BiSpanking does a good job of this. You can look through what was added most recently all the way back to the start of the site. Or, you can search by specific categories such as spanking, bondage, or sexual. And, if you really have a need for a particular thing, then there is an advanced search engine within the site that allows you to search by section, position, implement, spanker, or model. This is a new feature that I liked. Although is a huge site, perhaps someday we'll see something like this over there. I think it's a fantastic tool. Once you decide to look at a particular scene, there are a lot of choices to make. Most scenes have photos to accompany them, although there are a few that don't. All photos are thumbnailed and in high resolution. The number of photos vary from scene to scene, but you get at least 50. Many go over 100. When you want to get down to movie business, you have a fair amount of options which is very nice. You can choose between Real media or Windows media. That is a new option over the other RS owned sites. While the quality isn't really affected from format to format in this case, it is a nice option for those that prefer one player over another. A new option that really raised my eyebrow is that of a complete file of the whole scene. For those that prefer downloading one file with the whole movie on it, you will be quite happy here. You can download the movie in parts or as one whole file in two different quality/file sizes. One that's more suited for dial up members and one that's more suited for DSL/Broadband users. Options, options, options. I love it. Something that RS has started to do on the Real Spankings Institute site is allowing members to rate the scene. This rating system is in full swing on BiSpanking. You can rate a scene from 1 to 5 with one being poor and five being excellent. And how are the scenes you ask? There is truly something for everyone. I'm not really a bondage fan, but not every scene had bondage in it. The site has a variety of things. Some more on the darker site and others are of the school paddling variety. The site is updated every other day, regardless if it's a Monday or a Saturday or even a Sunday. So you can go back every 2 days and there will be something new for you to investigate. And even the bondage stuff is done tastefully and someone like myself that isn't overly excited by that genre found it likable. So, if you are looking for something a little darker, yet not crossing over into deep and dark, this site is worth a look. And even if you are not interested in dark, it's still worth a look. There is a tour on the site and we have a BiSpankings gallery here on this site to give you an idea of what type of material can be found inside.

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