Black Cat Cafe: They Shoot Horses

Reviewed by John O'Connell, 8/3/06.

The official description of this video is as follows: The scene is the Black Cat Cafe, one of the most exciting and most famous bars of the West Coast. The Depression forces many of the girls in town to attend the marathon. The $1000 prize is very seductive. Gloria watches the events around her with an innocent curiosity, while there is nothing to stop her rival from winning. The game is rough - wants, target spanking and stocks follow each other, while the weak one fall out of the competition. There are only two contestants left in the final event. And this is when the nasty want-man comes on the scene. Intrigued? Read on.

The video opens with some black and white footage that would be typical of a film depicting an early 30's setting with some jazzy piano music in the background. The first scene shows several men and women wearing suitable attire for this time period chatting in a bar room setting. Two brunettes enter the room, with one following a guy that looks like Kojack into a small office. This is where I get a little lost, as they don't speak english. Now, I kind of gathered that from the fact the film was made in Hungary, but it seems a little odd having a film depicting American culture that is not in English. Luckily there is the option of having subtitles, so I know that this first woman is here for the competition. She understands that her butt will be "banged" hard during this event. After making her disrobe momentarily so he can make sure her behind is good enough for the audience, he officially enters her in the competition.

After checking out the rear of one more lady, he escorts five women to a changing room, which is where they will wait when it is not their turn. Once he leaves, they all strip naked and await the competition's start. The five women are then brought out onto the stage, which is dimly light. The master of ceremonies, Tom, tells the audience that they are the judges in this event and then introduces the punishment master, Tony. The first event shall be the Want Relay. The concept is rather simple. There are several guys and each woman takes a stroke of a thin cane. After their stroke, the girl has to move one position to the right. If I understood this correctly, each girl is supposed to have a male partner, so by doing this the male won't go easy on their counterpart. The girl from the office doesn't have a partner, so one was assigned to her. After placing some sort of gag in their mouths, the event begins. I was actually surprised at how fierce the first round was. Each girl was given what seemed like an endless amount of strokes. One girl couldn't take it and bowed out after only a half dozen or so. By the end of the round, there had been plenty of screaming and a multitude of deep red stripes on each girl's behind.

While this was taking place, Tom pays the bar owner a visit in the back office. After complaining about his tuna sandwich, the owner asks what Tom wants. After flaunting some fine cigars at the owner, he tells him he likes Jessica and wants her to win. Evidently, the owner's wife ran off and Tom knows her whereabouts and is willing to "send some men". That was all the convincing the owner needed.

We are next brought to the dressing room to see the girls moaning as they rub their already sore behinds. The one woman that bowed out during the first session has to get dressed and go home, while the remaining four return to the stage. The next event is Target Spanking. The girls lie down on a device with wheels, which the partner moves after each hit. So, with each swat of the paddle, the cart will move slightly. The 3 to move the furthest will move on in the competition. Amongst the screaming, someone in the audience notices that one of the contestants was cheating. So, they call for her to be put in the stocks. After having the stocks put on, she is given the cane on her already raw buttocks. I actually had to turn the volume down at the point because her wails were giving me a headache. The punishment then concluded with the contestant pool now down to three.

What's the next event? I'm glad you asked. Now the girls are placed on their backs on the carts with their feet in the air. While they are being strapped they must balance a bottle on the bottom of their feet. The woman that is a little on the heavy set side is not able to hold the bottle up and is eliminated from the competition. (After all this I hope there is a consolation prize).

The final elimination round consists of the two remaining girls being made to face each other and then being secured together with a belt across their waists and having their wrists tied with rope. The first girl to let go of the gag loses. The instrument of choice is a heavy cane. The strokes are given with a thunderous might that give a sound comparable to tree limbs breaking. Finally one girl drops the gag after screaming in agony. Which one is it? Ah.....I'm not going to tell.

This was the first Film Extreme production that I've ever seen and have to say I was impressed. The DVD video and sound quality was superb. The clothing and setting was believable along with a good sized cast and unique story line. And the punishment itself was pretty severe. Well done Film Extreme, Well done.

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