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Black Velvet

Lupus Pictures (July 2007)
Directed by Zbysek Podhajsky
Story by Petra Marie Tyrn and Thomas Marco
Students: Ester Slaba, Alena Podhajska, Lucie Andikova, Lara Benesova
Headmistress: Korolina Dlovha
Teachers: Helena Kubecova, Alfi Rouio
Czech with English Subtitles
Running Time 23 minutes
Guest Review by Ronald Scott

Black Velvet is a departure from traditional Lupus features in that there is an ethereal dreamlike quality to the film, even though the dress and furniture are traditional. There is also a stark modernistic feeling to the sets unlike other Lupus films. But the girls are every bit as cute as one comes to expect from Lupus.

As the film opens, a mother brings her very cute red-hared daughter (Ester Slaba, star of The Noise and other Lupus features) to an unusual school. Mom says Ester is interested in poetry, the decadent kind, and that she has heard about the school's techniques and "hope they won't disappoint me".

Next we see a professor reading "decadent" poetry whose theme is "I am a girl who deserves to be punished". It is what Ester is thinking and next we see a short dream sequence featuring Ester and another student.

In the next scene a female teacher pulls down the white panties of a stunning (even by Lupus standards) black haired beauty, Alena Podhajska, who is about to be caned. Next Ester is told that she is in a "difficult age, my child" by the Headmistress who takes her into the classroom to watch the caning. Slowly the beautiful beaten girl begins to cry out. After the caning ends, Ester asks her "how come you put up with this?"

Unfortunately this film's canings feature no face shots during the punishments and this reduces their impact, given how beautiful the girls are. However there are face shots of the crying girls after the punishments as they are made to kneel on a hard wooden bench and these brief sequences are quite erotic.

Next the redhead complains that she thought this was an art school, not a "starched boarding school" to the Headmistress who is an excellent actress (who secretly enjoys watching the beautiful girls suffer.) Ester says she wants to leave but is told that her mom wants her to stay.

The Headmistress then calls the male professor and tells him that Ester does not understand our methods and that the bratty girl needs to be caned. Ester is told to lift up her dress and pull down her panties; she breaks down and cries during a long caning. Afterwards the black haired beauty says the teachers are maniacs but Ester replies that the male professor is an artist.

Next the girls all read poetry during class while facing the camera. Ester's reading is applauded by the professor. Then the teacher unveils a painting of a naked woman and the girls are asked for their reactions. Ester replies "desire", another student replies "passion" while the cute black haired girl replies "ashamed".

Finally a new brunette student enters and she is caned in the same way in front of the other girls. She begs for it to stop but the professor says that "an unfinished caning is like an unfinished kiss, without a point" and continues to cane the girl.

This movie has a "surprise" ending that begins with a scene of Ester at home; I do not want to spoil it for you by revealing it.

I give this movie a rating of 9.00 out of 10 because of the beautiful girls playing the students, and the excellent acting by Ester and the Headmistress as well as the unusual dreamlike atmosphere. If there had been face shots of the suffering girls during their canings, I would have rated it even higher.

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