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Blue Denim

Time: 48 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 2/6/09

Our webmaster listed this one of his Ten Best, a "Citizen Kane" of the spanking genre. It set us to digging. He's right--wonderful.

Hall-of-Fame cast: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Jennifer Brooks, Nick Travis, and Keith Jones, all thin, young, and nubile. Behind the cameras: Butch Simms and Eve Howard, presumably with their pants on.

The settings are domestic, consentual--couples in action, where bottoms are meant to be spanked. We've admired Eve Howard's direction before. She pays exquisite attention to the erotic aspects of panty positioning, bare feet kicking, exact OTK postures; just enough protesting resistence, and best of all, reluctant submissive naughty damsels reduced to no choice but being lustily spanked, with hopes of a reward soon after.

Chelsea and Jennifer gambol at Keith Jones' country property, preparing for their Fourth of July party. Jennifer shocks Chelsea when she confesses she dances topless when her boyfriend Nick is away. Jennifer used to date Keith and encourages Chelsea to tease him to the brink, because he likes to spank and she should try it.

Chelsea and Keith flit around the exterior set. Shadow Lane manages the sun, shadow, sound, and passing traffic with perfection. Keith slashes at her passing denim bottom with a willow switch, a zinging harbinger of things to come. Chelsea finds herself OTK in the tall grass after she has pushed Keith into a flowing brook; she has successfully enticed her first spanking on her blue denim shorts. Loud, cute, and plausible.

At their party, Keith is tricked by a popping cigarette lighter party gag, so Chelsea goes OTK again, in front of Nick and Jennifer. Skirt up, white panties show, a crisp brief spanking. Chelsea is embarrassed and blurts out that Jennifer dances nude in town.

Later, Nick grabs Jennifer, wants an explanation of this dancing business, and an OTK spanking is the best way to conduct the questioning. Skirt up, blue panties, soon tugged down, then kicked lower and off, a sexy tussle. Jennifer Brooks is a statuesque fluffy-haired blonde, described as a "Playboy-type" in her then contemporary Nu West material. A complete, detailed, every-freckle examination of Jennifer can be found in two "Tassara" performances at Nu West. We have found both and are reviewing the second here soon. She is a glory, and director Howard features her reddening bottom in this long session. Two nonchalant Siamese cats walk, talk, and flop in the spanking frame as the scene progresses; housebirds chatter in the background. Jennifer admits to her dancing, but un-apologetically calls it attention-gaining "fun," so we know this discussion is not over. Nick spanks away: "From now on, this is the only kind of attention you're going to get."

Cut to Keith and Chelsea in their bedroom. She is in a beige silk teddy negligee, garter belt and stockings, looking like action is about to begin. Keith: "It's my turn to play games. We'll start by blindfolding you." Howard knows a slow sexy tying of a silk cloth strip tightly into a bow plays better than a mask. Chelsea is then bent over a life-size carousel rocking horse, an odd accroutrement in any bedroom, unless you know you can use it for this purpose. Whoever's hands tie her in place knows his knots, more tense eroticism from Howard. This is just about the prettiest pink saddlebag you will see on any horse.

A long sensual handspanking and fondle. Panties are worked down. "A beautfiul bottom." Paddles and straps are applied. Chelsea snickers on occasion, but her splotchy red cheeks show Keith is making an impression. The riding crop is appropriate here, and Keith uses it like a cane, and suggests maybe he should have cut a willow switch. Chelsea twists and squirms, lest we miss any of her charms. It is a slow moderate cropping, very erotic, with director Howard keeping Chelsea's bottom center-screen with just enough angle for us to admire her curves.

Finished; untied; hugs; tears; and we hope a reward for both of them. "Blue Denim" may seem dated by Eastern European punishment standards. Details are perfect, acting is plausible and realistic, and the action seems replicable if you have a hobby horse, or just this hobby.

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