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Boat Captain Caning

31 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/4/09

The actor Michael Dawes plays Percy, a scruffy-looking boat owner, in boat shoes, khaki's, and yachting cap he got at some carnival. He has hired Katie, a tall, thin, long curly-haired brunette, as a "new crewman." From the look of her--slinky hips and a well filled-out turtleneck, you'd have to say that what Percy lacks in sartorial judgment is made up for in human resources matters.

Katie, with plenty to offer in the crew dept., is affronted by rumpled Percy and his dumpy little in-board. One look below-decks and she wants out of the deal. This boat is the "African Queen" compared to classy yachts seen in some porno movies. Watching her move about though, you know we need to keep her employed. Percy is plenty mad Katie wants to welch on her obligation.

Percy: "Come on upstairs...I'll show you how I'm going to pay you...a damn good spanking." This classy chassis is used to much better than this leaky tub. "I'm not taking a spanking from you." It is a short argument. OTK she goes. When she laughs at the ineffectual spanking, down come her jeans. More spanking--just a black thong interferes. "Knickers right down," closeup of a sweet pampered bottom. She is pleased by a gentle frigging between her legs. "We'll make this our little spanking boat." He pries her buttocks apart with his hands.

Jersey off, bra off. "Oh yes, lovely," pretty much covers it. He squeezes her breasts. They go below. She is naked, but the space is too cramped for the camera to have properly followed her down. The paddling now begins. She repeats, "Oooh shit," which offends yacht-clubbing Percy. She bruises and blisters unders several paddles.

It seems there is a cane available to be used, so "I'll take you to the clubhouse for a good caning." She dresses and they go ashore and walk through the boatyard to the clubhouse. Katie looks eager. Given how the actors are dressed, Katie was probably too cold to be caned naked on the boat. Into a lovely paneled room, Katie undresses again. Over the desk, but first a slow grope and frig. The cane is there on the chair. "This is going to hurt."

There will be 12 strokes. At first, Katie jumps up and there is a lot of cussing. She manages to control herself as the strokes progress. A hand between her legs calms her. It is a realistic and erotic session. When she is finished, Percy takes her to show the Commodore her bottom. Now, imagine yourself as the Commordore and there is a knock on your door.....

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