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Boot Camp 2: Paying the Penalty

Shannon Carson
Bridie Collins
Amy Denison
Sammie Wallen
Review by: Eric Blair- Brown

Variety may be the spice of life, but too many ingredients can ruin a video. In "Boot Camp 2: Paying the Penalty", Firm Hands Productions throws in everything from light bondage, to a girl being used as a spanking bench. This is a difficult video to critique. Almost all of the spanking scenes are good. The punishments are hard and entertaining. The other sections of the film appear awkward or just plain silly. The technical aspect of the video is also not up to the company's standards. Still, the main reason to buy Firm Hand tapes is the remarkable girls. They're extremely attractive and can take a tremendous spanking. While the model-like teenagers are the stars, the Oscar for best supporting actress has to go to Sammie Wallen. She submits to two severe punishments in this film. Wallen may not be a giddy teen, but she is the MVP of this film.

To review our cast of characters, Amy Denison, Shannon Carson and Bridie Collins play teenagers, who have been sent to Boot Camp. Since arriving at the facility, the girls have endured several forms of corporal punishment. Guard Sammie Wallen has also been spanked and paddled for being too friendly with the inmates. The girls pull together five hundred dollars to bribe Sammie into helping them escape.

As Boot Camp 2 begins, Sammie is in trouble for allowing the inmates to use the pool area. Wallen is ordered to drop her pants and bend over the spanking horse. A male official, whose face is never shown, proceeds to pound Sammi's backside with a leather paddle. The whacks are intense. Usually, Wallen hardly moves or reacts during her spankings. In this film, Sammie squirms, whimpers and has a difficult time keeping her composure. The leather paddle and ten whacks with a thick wood paddle seriously bruises Wallen's welt covered bottom. After admitting they smuggled alcohol into the camp, the girls are sent to Disciplinary Hall. Amy is now used as a spanking bench. She holds Shannon, then Bridie on her back, while Wallen spanks them with a leather strap. The whacks are semi hard but the reactions aren't. Bridie sobs as Shannon fights back her own tears. Sammie then turns her attention to Amy. She blames the teen for the beer and really lays on the strap. After the punishment, Amy wipes her eyes and wonders why Sammie would blame her for the mess. Amy and Bridie come to the conclusion that Shannon is an informant and probably kept the bribe money. They strip Shannon, find the money and hog-tie her. Named the ringleader of the group, Amy gets the cane. Later, Sammie accepts the bribe and helps Amy and Bridie escape. For her transgression, the male official canes Wallen.

If you're interested in only the corporal punishment scenes, then get this video. Sammie and Amy should get purple hearts for their red bottoms. The difficulty is in the rest of the production. Technically, the film has several problems. Pacing and the lighting are disasters. In several scenes, the camera hovers around the girls. It moves from one teen to another and makes the scene drag on and on. During the strapping scene, as Bridie begins to cry, the camera doesn't know whether to stay on the girl or complete the scene. After an awkward few seconds, the camera pans and walks forward to show Amy. Videotaping against the sun (a technical no no) and seeing the shadow of a technician's hand during an indoor scene were just some of the lighting problems. The bondage scene may be the worst acting in Firm Hand history. Shannon hardly struggles. In fact, she voluntarily lays on her belly and almost helps the other girls tie her up. The sloppy editing and other technical problems hurt this production. Trash the silly bondage and an outdoor scene where the girls are interrogated, and you have a much better film. The emotion shown by the usually placid Sammie and Amy makes this tape worth a look-see. The confusion of the actors, the shadow of the technician and the plodding pacing is not the norm for a Firm Hand production. For those reasons, I can't recommend the tape. Usually, Firm Hand videos are worth every penny. For me, the problems outweigh the strong spanking scenes.

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