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Boot Camp- Initiation

Shannon Carson
Bridie Collins
Amy Denison
Laura Moore
Sammie Wallen
Nancy Bennington
Review by: Eric Blair- Brown

This review is going to hurt me more than it hurts Firm Hand Productions. I mean, how can I pan a movie that contains beautiful young women, some good spanking scenes and a cameo by Firm Hands' super model, Laura Moore...but I'm going to. Firm Hands Productions attempts to make movies and not just videos. In many of their other productions, Firm Hands is technically superior to most of the other moviemakers. Their videos have a plot, some levity and good action. They seem to be more ambitious than many of their competitors, but ambition cuts two ways. When they succeed, they should be praised. When they misstep, they have deal with the consequences.

Excessive drinking and drug use has landed three spoiled rich girls in a boot camp. They're informed that any disobedience will be dealt with through corporal punishment. To prove the point, the girls are taken to an office, told to strip to just their underwear and to face the wall. They take turns over guard Sammie's knee for a spanking. The punishment is relatively tame. Sammie then orders the girls to stand against the wall, where she continues the spanking. The whacks get harder and the girls show some discomfort. In the next scene, Guard Sammie is soon over the knee of her superior for buying beer for the inmates. The spanking is severe but Sammie never moves a muscle. The long, hard whacks have turned her bottom bright red, yet she hardly seems to notice. As she gets to her feet, Sammie does let out a groan and rubs her bottom. The girls are soon in trouble again. A plan to escape has earned the inmates a date with the leather paddle. Each girl makes three trips over a spanking horse. The whacks are hard and the young ladies show it. The strong-willed Amy winces, Shannon grimaces at each spank and little Bridie is left in tears. After the punishment, the girls pull their money and tell Shannon to bribe guard Sammie into helping them escape. Shannon and Bridie also sneak into the computer room. They send an E-mail message to Shannon's boyfriend asking for help. They are caught and Shannon is ordered to remove her pants and bend over a railing. The girl receives ten whacks with a thick paddle. Videotaped extremely well, Shannon has a hard time dealing with the fraternity like device. She bucks after each whack. At the fifth strike, Shannon drops to the floor and declares it hurts. She re-assumes the position only to ask for a time out after the ninth whack.

This seems to be two videos on one tape. The first part of the production is disappointing. The actors stumble over lines; the pacing is all over the place and the technically superior Production Company looks very weak. The camera work is not up to Firm Hands standards. During the first spanking scene, as the girls walk across the room to get their punishment, the camera is so close that it distorts the girl's pretty faces. During the actual spankings, the camera shakes. After the first round of spankings, music appears out of nowhere. I assume the editor noticed that the pacing was really slow and hoped the music would help. It doesn't. Even the location is a problem. The outside shots work. The yard walls give the feel of a boot camp scenario, but the indoor shots were done in a nice living room. Not camp-like décor. I didn't even like the chair they used for the spanking scenes. It was a swivel, business type, model. Every time the spanker raised their arm, the chair squeaked. Firm Hand then rounds back into form near the middle of the video. The strapping session is well done. The last paddling scene with Shannon is exceptional. Boot Camp: Initiation pales in comparison to other Firm Hands Productions. "No Option" is one of my favorite tapes of the year. "Back on Track" is also an enjoyable film. If you decide to buy "Boot Camp: Initiation, you'll be paying for the entire tape, when only the second half is worth viewing.

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