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Boot Camp

Produced by Diseno Media HPS ( (2004)
Directed and Written by Peter Schuber
Starring Katty, Eva, Lady, Jennifer, Helen, and Peter
Foreign language with subtitles
Running Time 60 minutes
1st Review by: John O'Connell

The premise to this video is that 3 girls are new inductees to a boot camp facility. The girls have chosen this facility as an alternative to going to jail for five years. Once doing a year at the boot camp, their debt to society is considered to be paid. I'm not entirely sure if this facility is part of the military or not. Being former military myself, there are certain parts that could have been done better if this was intended to be a military style production.

Anyway, the video opens with 2 girls walking down the street. They toss a bag over a wall and then proceed to the front gate of the facility. Two nit picks here. First, if the girls were sentenced to jail, but opted for this facility instead, why are they not being escorted instead of just going there on their own? And, we find out the guy guarding the gate is a major. Last time I checked officers don't guard gates. I know, not really important in a punishment video, but I thought it was odd. The 2 girls hand their papers to the major and he shows them where to report. Once inside, the girls find a third inmate as well as an impatient guard. They were 11 minutes late, which isn't a good way to start off your sentence. They are issued military style clothing and ordered to change into them. Evidently they were sneakers in this outfit. Looks kind of strange with camouflage pants, but whatever works I suppose.

After the girls change, they are made to wait for the Commandant to arrive. We wait with them. While looking at their nervous faces is nice, this scene is a little drawn out. Finally the Madam Commandant arrives and this is where the viewer is told that these girls have chosen this facility as an alternative to jail. Since Eva and Lady were 11 minutes late, they got to do 11 pushups before being brought to their new living quarters. And where are they living? A tent. And they get to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags. We then jump ahead in time to that night. That package we saw being tossed over the wall was recovered by Lady. Turns out it was a bottle of booze. While Eva was not interested in participating at first, Lady eventually convinced her to have a few drinks. While they were enjoying their alcohol, the commandant was outside listening to the whole event. She left the trio alone for now, letting them believe they had gotten away with breaking the rules. This scene too was a bit drawn out.

The next morning, the girls are startled out of their sleep by the guard blowing a whistle. They are ordered to dress and report outside. They are made to run and do exersizes before being addressed by the commandant. They are confronted about breaking a rule, which they all claim no knowledge of. They are forced to fetch wooden logs as well as some rope and construct a "training aid". This structure will take the shape of a tee pee. Once the training aid is built, the major arrives (and gives probably the worst hand salute I've ever seen). They are confronted about their drinking and are told they will be punished.

First to be punished is Katty. The commandant tells her that she knows Katty didn't want to participate at first, but did eventually drink. She is ordered to remove her shirt and she is then tied to the training aid. At the time the lashing begins, nearly 24 minutes have passed since the start of the production. The commandant lashes Katty's bare back until it is bright red. Feeling that the punishment is sufficient, she unties Katty and returns her to the tent.

Next up is Eva. She will be punished more severely. She is ordered to lower her trousers and panties before being secured to the contraption. A freshly cut cane is used to chastise her bare bottom. Stroke after stroke is delivered until tears are flowing and Eva's bottom is covered with welts and bruises. Once the punishment has concluded, she too is sent to the tent.

The last one to be punished is Lady and since she brought the booze into the compound, her punishment will be the worst. The major will be the one to deliver the strokes of the cane. She is ordered to remove her trousers and panties and is tied to the contraption. This is actually a fairly lengthy scene. There is not much of a pause between strokes, Peter just keeps firing away. Eventually Lady begins to snivel as her bottom and thighs look like a land mind blew up on them. When her punishment is over, the commandant bends Lady over and pours the remaining alcohol onto her blistered bottom. And that concludes the production.

My biggest complaint with this video is the down time. It takes 24 minutes to reach the first punishment. While I'm a fan of interesting story lines and not jumping into the punishment too soon, this was a little much. Mainly because there wasn't much purpose to it. There are sections where you spend a minute just looking at people doing nothing. I think this could have been edited better. However, the punishment scenes do make up for it. If you are a fan of the cane, these girls take some nasty strokes. Peter can deliver a nasty slice that sends shivers of the spine of not only the model, but the viewer watching the DVD.

2nd review by guest reviewer Collector posted on 10/10/08

A little off-peak we thought for the usually edgy Pain4Fem. Two girls report voluntarily to a disciplinary "boot camp." They throw a knapsack in over the wall covertly ahead of their arrival, for use later. Peter, the actor/guard, spots it. The two girls are processed in, partially strip to put on fatigues, and join a third waiting inmate.

Some silly PT, then nighty-night for today in a tent. One of the girls retrieves the pack in the darkness. It's vodka. They swig away. Harsh reveille the next morning. Some more silly PT on a playing field. But something is going to happen. The girls are made to construct an "A" frame of poles and rope. The purpose is soon clear--they are going to be tied to it for corporal punishment. The first girl, the tallest brunette, strips to the waist, is fastened by her ankles, arms stretched overhead, then whipped on her bare back with a martinet by a female officer. It is loud, colorful, and looks hard. Views from some angles, probably some repeats. The marks are not severe, but it intimidating theater.

Brunette #2 is called forward. She is getting the cane, so it is her pants and panties she needs to give up. Attached to the frame. We counted 70 moderate strokes from the female officer--welts and bruises appear immediately, but don't develop further with the caning. Probably some editing here, but this is a nice sore bottom.

And girl #3, who should act more frightened, having just watched the previous punishments, gets the same caning, but from the male officer. He hits harder. She was the owner of the vodka and has its remainder poured over her striped bottom at the conclusion. They should have used real alcohol--her wincing would have been more authentic and it would have done some good.

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