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The Bottom Line

Starring: Shannon Carson
Natasha Edwards
Amy Denison
Caren Mortin
David Lyons
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

Good help is hard to find, but it can be fun to discipline. Store employees Shannon and Natasha are in big trouble. The girls allowed two of their friends to shoplift and the surveillance cameras videotaped the whole thing. The young women are given the option of being turned over turned over to the police or turned over the knee of the store manager. They choose the latter. The unrepentant females, armed only with bad attitudes, accept their fate. Shannon and Natasha make two trips over their boss' knee. As their behinds get redder, their attitude dwindles. The manager tells the girls they must return, on the weekend, with their shoplifting friends, so that they can be punished as well. Later, by the pool, Shannon tells Amy and Caren that they have to submit to a spanking or be reported to the authorities. The four girls report for their punishment. Amy and Caren, dressed in schoolgirl outfits, receive the same over the knee spankings as their friends. But there's more. Unhappy with the girl's flippant attitudes, the boss breaks out the leather paddle. Shannon and then Natasha endure a, painful looking, punishment. Then it's Amy and Caren's turn. Both girls grab their knees and take 20 swats. Three of the ferocious females are now tame kittens, but not Miss Amy. Still defiant, Ms. Denison is ordered to grab her ankles. The poor girl receives five, hard whacks from, a large, wooden paddle. The punishment session is over and the girl's bad attitudes are history.

So the discipline is finally over... or is it. Shannon and Natasha are ordered to the Dean's house. The girl's are informed their punishment has only begun. Soon, the two girls are naked and facing the wall. Shannon and Natasha take turns bending over the arm of a sofa and getting twenty licks from a leather strap. The Dean soon drops the paddle and grabs a cane. After adding several stripes to their glowing backsides, the Dean warns to girls to behave and sends them home. This is one of my favorite Firm Hand productions. This tape is for those who like the taming of the brat videos. It's also for those who enjoy seeing the girl next door, get a very sore bottom. Firm Hand has a unique brand of actress. They appear to be the epitome of the All-American, college women. They are bright, energetic and beautiful. Some women, in this business, can take a severe spanking without blinking an eye. These girls submit, but seem to get no pleasure from their punishments.

In summary: This video has a little bit of everything. Young women getting whacked by everything except the kitchen sink. The scenario is acceptable, the punishments are painful looking and the women are adorable. Shannon and Amy are worth the price of the tape all by themselves. I highly recommend this video.

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