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The Bottom Line 2: Sorority Sisters

Starring: Shannon Carson
Natasha Edwards
Amy Denison
Caren Mortin
Sammie Wallen
David Lyons
Review by Katrina
Running time: 45 minutes

Just how many times are four lovely ladies to be punished for shoplifting? It seems that they just haven't been punished enough. Not by everyone in their lives. Now it seems that their sorority sister wants her crack at their bottoms. After this about the only one left to punish them would be Santa Claus. Perhaps he will only leave a piece of coal in their stocking for Christmas.

Sammie Wallen plays the senior sorority sister. The other four ladies are brought before her and told that they are to receive yet another spanking for having stolen the cosmetics from the earlier film, "The Bottom Line".

Over Sammie's knee they go, one at a time, gym shorts pulled down, to have their already pink bottom's color deepened to a royal crimson at Sammie's skillful hand. Sammie has neither the speed of a summer lightning nor Lady D. But she has the stamina of plow horse. Time and time again she rains pain down upon their cheeks.

Sammie is no stranger to being on the giving or receiving end herself. She has stared in other video productions from Firm Hand Spanking. Yet she is up to her true form. By the time that the ladies have had several rounds over her lap, their posteriors are suitably colored a few shades of red deeper than when they started.

Yet this does not seem to be sufficient for Sammie. Next the girls line up over a sleigh bed for a little touch of "the board" discipline. Ten swats apiece are decreed. Amy, who had already received five from the earlier film, is excused from the last five. Fair is fair. Everyone was to be given the same punishment. One at a time the swats go out. Each girl winces and magically grows a few inches when hit by the board. By the start of the second round not only are the smiles gone and the faces are showing dread but the bottoms are also starting to clench as they are proffered to the paddle. With every round the ladies are wishing they were someplace else, anyplace else then where they are now. In the end, Shannon finally complains with a suitable four-letter word that I am sure the others were all saying to themselves.

Want still more? The following day at poolside, Amy is holding an ominous note from the dean. She and Caren have been summoned to a conference. Shannon informs her of Shannon's recent encounter and suggests that "it will be a chance to use that leather strap again." The dean apparently is a friend with the store owner played by David Lyons in a supporting role. He informed Amy "I told you that I would be seeing you again." What made them think that he wouldn't? Hope? Fortunately for us it is not over.

Amy's claim of "We already got punished" seems have gone on deaf ears. The dean's response was "Not by the university you didn't".

Amy and Caren both get the tawse strap from the dean on their bare bottoms after conceding that "We have gone this far". It is skirt up and over the couch for Amy. Caren eventually drops her jeans and follows her friend. Both receive two sets of ten lashes each. The two ladies definitely feel the sting of the leather as evident by their facial expressions and body language.

What, more again? Of course. The cane is next. Amy and Caren are sentenced to the cane for their part in the theft. Just as Shannon and Natasha did earlier, both receive a dozen deep red weals on their already inflamed cheeks. (Don't forget to look at the blooper reel at the end of the film. Amy's bottom knows exactly how many cane strokes are left even if everyone else has lost count. She is very vocal about the remaining count.) In the end Amy can barely hold position.

Is there still more to come? Of course there is more. It is back to the sorority house for twenty swats with the leather paddle and it is not even hazing week. It seems that these cosmetics are getting very expensive indeed. The price is well paid by the ladies' bottoms. Sammie lines the ladies up, Amy and Caren first, against the same bed and proceeds to paddle their bottoms with the leather paddle. Each cheek is separately and uniquely addressed by the paddle as it makes its mark on the ladies skin. Once Amy and Caren have finished, it is Shannon's and Natasha's turn for the paddle. These two have been spending the day at the pool. Shannon's bottom seems unmarked, but that is quickly changed as she flinches, her voice pitch raises and eventually reaches around to rub the smarting areas.

By the time that the punishments have been completed Amy and Caren have managed to slip their sore posteriors into French-cut bikini swim suits and all find the pool. Caren offers yet another quick get rich scheme; this time involving pirated cassette tapes. She is quickly turned down by the others. It seems that the lessons just learned are still fresh in the minds of all but Caren.

The tape concludes with an interview with the charming Natasha Edwards who informs us that this is her first experience in this type of a film. Perhaps it will not be her last. Oh would that it be true that we should be so lucky.

Technically this is a good film. The lighting, sound, and camera are up to the company's usual high standards. All in all this is a good film as sequels go. There is little dialog, little acting and little drama. However if that is what you wanted then you should have invested in your money in the film Casablanca. There is a great deal of spanking, strapping, paddling, caning, and all of the other good stuff that we want to see. Besides that the ladies have bodies to die for. It is well worth the money. Casablanca it is not. But then again; who cares?

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