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Bottom Price

41 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/28/08

Straightforward interior scene adventure, in the offices of a retail store, where a stern-looking female general manager, aptly named Ms. Armshank, berates the male floor manager, played by our ubiquitious "Brian" character (who will not be asked to exercise his swing today). Two of his female employees are botching up the price labeling and Armshank demands that they be punished. Since labor laws seem relaxed in our genre, we know what "punishment" means.

Sarah and Felicia are sent to Armshank, dressed in their little white retail smocks. Armshank is unrelenting: "I have to punish you. We'll see how badly you want to keep your will be a good old-fashioned beating across your bums." Armshank can't help smiling salaciously. "See you both in the training room in 10 minutes."

The girls yuck it up in the classroom setting of the training room. Armshank arrives and Sarah is first to go OTK. She is a tall curvy brunette, rightfully conscious of long flowing reddish-brown curly hair. Shre smirks through this first mild handspnaking. Felicia turns up her bottom next. She is another statuesque brunette. She squawks and overacts when her skirt is pulled up. She stands to have her panties lowered, a nice formality which enhances the event, then back OTK for a slower more impressive spanking.

Sarah's turn again--panties down. "I think you are enjoying this, Ms. Armshank." The camera pans to a cane and several paddles waiting on a table, as if they had lives of their own.

Sarah anf Felicia bend over the table, side-by-side, bare-bottomed, a pose all the producers in the genre covet. Armshank alternates with a short flexible leather strap. She is getting into it, but the girls are still amused. A round leather paddle cracks harder.

Felicia is made to stand at the blackboard and study retail pricing while she is caned--about 20 strokes. There doesn't appear to be any laughing now. Armshank grunts excitedly too. Some repeats and several angles on Felicia's attractive nates.

To both girls: "get your clothes off...quickly." The now naked girls chuckle and mill about, the intent being to give us an eyeful. Sarah is paddled and strapped but avoids the cane. The girls dress and return to work.

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