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The 2 women in this video are using roleplay and from the company's description, this is what they do in their normal lives. The lady who is on the receiving end is a girl with shoulder length blonde hair. The description called for the first half to be one session, while the second half is a bunch of different scenes. However, the tape I got has 2 complete sessions. Don't know if this was a change or if they merged 2 tapes together. Anyway, the first part has the blonde dressed in a red short schoolgirl type skirt with white blouse and white panties. She is spanked OTK and then strapped over the bed. The 2nd session shows her tied to the bed and then strapped. The red skirt is replaced with a plaid schoolgirl outfit. The punishment isn't what one would call hard. I was somewhat disappointed in this video. The quality was not very good and some of the camera angles weren't very good. In the second session, the bed post was in the way and the camera was possitioned somewhat far away. I haven't seen any of their newer tapes and according to their website, they purchased better equipment. The video was approximately 60 minutes long.

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