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British Brat
Directed by Eric Blair-Brown
Written by David Pierson, Amber (Pixie) Wells and Eric Blair-Brown
Starring: Leia-Ann Woods
Pixie Wells
David Pierson
Richard Windsor
Guest Review by CutiePie, posted 5/30/06

I have just enjoyed for the first time seeing naughty British brat, Leia Ann Woods have her bottom spanked not once but a stinging red 5 times. Leia sure is a naughty girl, sassy and beautiful. I loved watching her bare bottom wriggle about over her spankers lap as it got spanked hard and fast over and over again till very red and sore.

Scene 1.Leia's Lesson. Leia has been a very naughty girl. She has been behaving poorly at school and equestrian training and her American Benefactor, David Pierson, is not happy with this naughty girl. David Sits down on the couch and Leia Ann lays across his lap ready to receive her spanking. Leia Ann wriggles about over Davids lap as he spanks her firmly over her tight sexy Jodhpurs, cheek to cheek, hard. Then her Jodhpurs come down to her knees only to discover the naughty girl is wearing no knickers....very, very naughty!!. David spanks her hard and fast till her tender bottom is a pretty rosy red. But the spanking is not over yet. To insure this naughty girl has learned her lesson her bottom needs to be strapped. Standing up bent over a chair, Leia gets strapped on her already red bare bottom. This naughty girl has trouble standing still as she gets strapped till ouchy red. I am sure this naughty girl has lots of time to think about her punished red bottom as she is told to stand in the corner for an hour. Scene 2 .Naughty Truants.

In this delightful fun scene two naughty sassy schoolgirls, cutie spankable Pixie and the beautiful Leia, are caught by spanking English newcomer, the strict Mr. Windsor, cutting class .A big no- no! For schoolgirls. They are ordered straight to the headmaster's office for punishment. Awaiting Mr. Piersons arrival, Mr. Windsor decides to spank the naughty schoolgirls himself. First it is Leia's turn to be spanked as Pixie watches on to see just what is in store for her bottom .First he spanks Leia over her short school skirt soundly over 50 times before pulling down her skirt to reveal a rosy red bottom peaking out under her panties. Over 40 slaps over her knickers till her bottom is finally revealed to show us how rosy red her bottom is. Then more spanks over and over on her bare bottom .Then it is Pixies turn and she does not want to be spanked wriggling about over Mr. Windsor's lap as her spanks her firmly 40 times over her skirt, then knickers down for 23 reddening smacks before spanking her over 50 times on her red bottom. All while the cutie wriggles about over his lap. The two naughty girls wait facing the wall skirts raised so there naughty red bottoms can bee seen by Mr. Pierson when he arrives. When he arrives he is not happy and doesn't waste no time in spanking Pixie very hard with his hand while she stands facing the wall. Then we can see him spank Leia's red bottom over 50 times as she struggles to stand still .He informs the girls to there surprise they will be getting 10 hard smacks on there bare bottoms with the dreaded school paddle. Leia is told to bend over a chair while standing to receive the stinging thuds of the wooden paddle. Then Pixie has to do the same to both girls are very red, very sore and very sorry.

Scene 3. Noisy Slumber Party.

This is my favorite scene thanks to the brattiness of Pixie and Leia and the stern spanking handed out by David Pierson on their bottoms. These two girls are asking for trouble as they will not settle down and behave after repeatedly being told to be quiet by David .It is a delight to watch these girls misbehave just knowing a spanking is surely in store for them both and I was certainly not disappointed. First Pixie is taken over his knee and spanked hard and fast over her cute knickers over 70 times cheek to cheek over and over again. When her knickers are pulled down we can see how rosy red this naughty girl is and have the pleasure to watch David spank her over 180 times with a sound hand on her wriggling red bottom. Then it gets serious when the hairbrush comes out and is applied hard to her already red bottom fast about 100 times as she wriggles about and owwws .The camera rotates between Pixie's cute expressive face and her very red bare bottom throughout this exciting scene. Now we do not want the sexy Leia's bottom to be left out do we. Over his knee she goes and spanks are applied with out time delay hard fast and over and over again first over 90 times over her pajama bottoms, over 90 stinging red times to her bare stinging bottom then finally the dreaded stinging hard hairbrush is applied to her glowing red hot cheeks about 80 times as the sexy sweetheart wriggles and owws across David's lap. The final result is a very red sore bottom for both cheeky girls who have to wait standing still faces against the wall, hands on there heads, red bottoms showing for one hour as they stand and having nothing else to do but feel there bottoms burn. Knowing they must keep there hands on there heads, so this means no bottom rubbing.

Scene 4.Leia and her Uncle .

In this spankably impressive scene, the sexy Leia is caught returning home way past curfew by her cross Uncle Richard. She is given a stern talking too about her naughty behaviour and that while she is living under her uncle's roof she must obey the rules. She soon learns that naughty girls get hard spankings as she is taken across her uncle's lap for a stinging bottom reddening. She is spanked soundly over tight black jeans then a bare bottom which does not take long to redden to the firm hard smacks .I loved watching this naughty girl squirm over his lap and her sexy sassiness. The spanking must continue, Leia is told to stand and place her hands on the seat, her bottom out high in the air to receive the sting of leather from the black leather strap .First 11 hard stings as the sexy girl has trouble standing still. Displaying a bottom that is very red and sore she is sternly told she will get 10 more before being sent to bed. When the spanking is all finished she is told to put her jeans back on and she pulls them slowly over her burning bottom As she goes straight to bed told she is informed by her uncle she will be having a talking too about her naughtiness in the morning.

Scene 5. Leia and the Headmaster. In this scene to finish of this amazing movie the naughty girl is given the cane for misbehaving .First bend over she is warmed up by hand over her bare bottom. Told she is to get 12 with the whippy stinging cane she tries to lesson the amount of strokes, but of course she is told she will get no less then 12 stings. After receiving her first few painful stings she is asked how many she has received by the headmaster. Leia makes him cross as she gives him the wrong number, number 6 and is told she has to have number 5 another painful time. Asked again she gets it wrong and yes you guessed it right this naughty girl is told she will get number 5 again over her red bottom. Made to count the rest to insure she makes no mistakes she takes the final stinging 6, leaving her bare bottom sore and red.

This movie was very enjoyable and I found it highly exciting as I watched both girls Leia and Pixie spanked red and sore. The plots are believable which helps the audience feel more excited and involved in believing these girls are getting a true punishment. My favorite element to the punished brat's movies is we never have to wait long for the spanking, ensuring almost the whole movie is stinging red spanking action from start to finish. The camera focuses perfectly on the girls reddening wiggling, sexy bottoms and is highly pleasurable to me as a lover of the beauty that is spanking. Watching this movie is a wonderful way to get that needed spanking fix for those who have not had a spanking for a long time or to make some crave a spanking from start to finish and long after watching the movie just like I do now.

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