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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active, although it doesn't appear to have changed any since my review in 2006. It is the same screens with the same videos as then. I did not take out a new membership at this time, but would be willing to bet that if the samples are the same from 4 years ago, then the content inside is the same and they still rotate the videos so that you don't get to see all of them during your monthly membership time. The cost of membership is $34.95 for 30 days.

Review posted 9/11/06 by John O'Connell

I had received several emails over the last few months asking if I could check out this website. I decided to go ahead and take out a membership, although I had an idea what the site would bring. As some of the other similar sites have done, Broadband Spanking takes the route of showing all of the site's content to the potential customer in an effort to lure them into a membership. However, once the membership is purchased, the customer now finds he/she can only download five videos per week. As with the other sites I reviewed recently, there is no mention of the practice in the free area and the customer is deceived into believing all of the selections will be available for download once the membership is purchased.

Upon entering the members area you will find the current weeks five selections. Each gives you a few small preview photos and a description of that selection. There is a "save as" button, where you can right click and save the selection to your hard drive. Following the five current videos, the site shows you the five videos that will be featured the following week. Instead of a link to the full video, you are offered a preview trailer. Each video is in AVI format, runs for 45 minutes, and is in the neighborhood of 500 MB. The screen resolution for each clip is 512 X 388 and flows well. The video quality is good and looks pretty decent at full screen.

The cost of membership is just under $29.95 per month. This gives you 20 videos per month, which may or may not include the selection that prompted you to take out the membership in the first place. I don't find this to be much of a bargain, given there are a number of other sites out there that offer you a wide range of full length videos for immediate download at the same or lower price.

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