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Cabin Fever

Written and Directed by Eve Howard
Produced and Edited by Tony Elka
Starring: Clare Fonda
Keith Jones
Amber (Pixie) Wells
Steve Fuller
Review by David Pierson, posted on 4/13/07

There has been much industry buzz about this film. Many have favorably compared this production to such classics of the spanking cinema as 'Blue Denim' (On most critics to ten list of all time. The spanking cinema's equivalent to Citizen Kane) and 'Spoiled Rotten'. Frankly, I must agree. Cabin Fever is absolutely terrific. This is Eve Howard at her best. Cabin fever is an entertaining and very sexy story. To do Miss Howard's story justice, a highly talented and attractive group of performers was required. You can not go wrong with this cast of all-stars. The legendary Clare Fonda, the lovely Amber Wells, Keith Jones (A common denominator for 'Blue Denim', Spoiled Rotten' and Cabin Fever) and Steve Fuller were essential ingredients in making Eve Howard's story have real heat.

According to Webster's, Cabin Fever is a condition characterized by anxiety, tension and, most of all boredom, caused by living in a confined space, mostly in winter. This is true of the characters in the film. However, Eve Howard also uses the term to have a more literal meaning. As in body heat within the Cabin. Heat from hot spankings and the heat that is generated between attractive men and women in close quarters.

In the tradition of Shadow Lane's "Romance of Discipline' ethic, intense punishment spankings, gradually and almost imperceptibly give way to a chastisements much more sexually in nature.

While on a trip, two couples find themselves snowbound in a small cabin. The men and women have very different methods of coping with the crisis. Keith and Steve break out a bottle of tequila and plan to play cards, while their lovely spouses ( Miss Wells playing the role of Steve Fuller's young wife and Miss Fonda the role of Keith's betrothed) have decided that being as annoying as possible would provide them with the amusement they need to get through this nasty act of nature. As the gentlemen attempted to play poker, their wives did everything in their power to disrupt their game. Finally, having pushed her husband too far, Amber is taken over her husband's lap. This is a no nonsense discipline spanking. Her bottom was bared in front of Clare and Keith and her embarassment was palpable. Then Keith took his lovely bride over his lap and spanked her until she agreed to behave.

Noting that their spouses were in need a distraction, Keith and Steve attempt to involve them in their game. Their biggest mistake was to ply the brats with Tequila. As the girls imbibed, their behavior worsened. Another round of hot spankings follow. As time goes on one can sense the tone of the film change ever so incrementally. In the tradition of Shadow Lane's "Romance of Discipline' ethic, intense punishment spankings, gradually and almost imperceptibly gave way to a chastisements much more sexually in nature. At one point, at both girls were lying on the bed, being spanked by both gentlemen, Keith removes Amber's panties. "Hey, my husband just took off your panties", Clare said. "Yeah, what's up with that?", Amber said with a big smile. While there is no explicit sex on the scene one becomes aware that if the camera had lingered we would have seen a film that could have been titled 'Keith, Clare, Steve and Amber'. ( As in Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice. Okay..I'm old.)

Cabin Fever is a spanking film to savor.

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