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Caned at Desperation Point

Year: 1999
57 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/11/10

At the "Burning Ambitions Dance and Modeling Agency" the male owner auditions girls for a club which hires lap dancers. Another video on the theme of girls who agree to accept spankings as necessary to get a job. Filmed in one room, in a photography studio setting at the agency. The spankings are varied, and lots of positions are tried with a variety of implements infrequently used by CalStar.

Two girls, Tiger and Wolf, are interviewed. The owner tells his assistant Shelly to suggest to the girls that spankings will get them hired. She tells them they'll have to "bend over," they decline, and the owner tells Shelly she'll either be fired or take a spanking herself for the way she handled the conversation. She pleads for her job. "I'll do anything" and finds herself over the handy office trestle for a martinet and paddle. The owner likes the ritual of positions, pants, knickers, spanking talk, etc. "Ever had the cane before?" A weak "" He lays on 12 fast moderate strokes and takes one more fond close look at her bottom before sending her to get the applicants.

The girls have agreed to take spankings. Tiger, a tall and slinky brunette with a Mediterranean look, wearing a leopard body suit with a cut-out bottom, will go first, goes OTK, then leaning on a chair, hands-on-head. Wolf watches, looking bored, a feeling we are fighting ourselves. Wolf goes next, a hefty blonde in a fringe-trimmed stripper's cowgirl outfit. She is spanked in the same fashion, then strips naked down to knee boots-over a chair for the martinet, a floppy studded paddle, a large frying-pan sized paddle. Bottoms side-by-side before we move to the cane.

Wolf over the trestle, 12 cane strokes, closeups, good marks, no repeats. She is sent to stand against the wall, but faces us, not having made too many of these movies. She turns so her red bottom in the shot. Tiger's turn--a slipper, a small flogger, floppy studded paddle, and the martinet. Another studded paddle, then the cane--12 strokes also.

Another side-by-side; the girls are afraid they are not finished and they are correct. The owner is going to play "musical chairs" with them, about 6 more strokes alternated. The girls have about reached their limit, but "It's safe to say you have the job."

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